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Help My (Shih Tzu) Please....

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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4]My 1 Year old shitsue (Shih Tzu) is very Sick Vets Cant Tell Me what's wrong anyhelp? This Started happening about 6 months ago.

#1, Loud Snorting Sound.
#2, Choking and making horrible noises.
#3, Cant Keep Down Food the Choking makes him be sick.
#4, Bad Breathing Difficulties. Sounds like (Asthma)
#5, Always Snorting a little bit..
[B][COLOR=Red](#6, Trouble Swallowing Saliva **(Consently Always trying to [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=4][B][COLOR=Red]Swallow)**
[COLOR=Black]#[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]7 Bad Gas (Sometimes)[/COLOR][/COLOR][B][COLOR=Red]
I have been to 3 vets they cant find out what is wrong...
2 X-Ray's ---DONE--- Cant Find anything.
Blood Work ---DONE--- Cant Find anything.
Antibiotic's ---DONE--- Tried 4 Types.
Cough Depressant ---DONE--- Helps some....
Tested for all Worms ---DONE--- Nothing...
Allergies Blood Test ---DONE--- Looks Fine

His Bowel Movements are fine... I also have a 3 month old Shih Tzu she is fine so it's not Contagious or a Viral infection. What can this be??????

Can my dog be allergic to something in my home?
Also PS... Can you pass this on please....


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Well this is just what I've picked up around the web...and if all those vets couldn't help I dunno if I can...

But our little Shih Tzu's, because their nose is kinda squished in, are always prone to breathing problems. Snorting is normal (Unfortunately lol.) The difficulty swallowing is probably the biggest cause for concern. Has the vet checked him for throat infections or glad swelling in his throat? That would cause the difficulty in swallowing and choking. If he has problems keeping food down, try taking his kibble, adding just a bit of water and microwaving it to make it soft, that should be easier on him. If he DOES choke (This happened to me when Peanut was only 7 weeks old, very scary!!) you need to lay him across your arm and pat him on the back, if he doesn't recover in 30 seconds take him to the vet or get emergency care involved. As for the questions about allergies, yes and small dogs are VERY prone to allergies because whatever they're allergic to is usually about twice their size. So if you're allergic to flowers, Imagen being surrounded by seven foot Pollen pockets. If there is any smoking in the house that is Horrible for our little guys, really. Their lungs are the side of...well smaller then a wallet, they can't tolerate that. I've also had an experience with Fabreeze, Peanut and Fabreeze are not friends. Hope this helps a little!

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