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Are here more of the Bernese mountain dogs owners?

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I have a Berner baby and he's AWESOME. He has made me completely in LOVE with this breed and I will be getting more. If you want to see his baby pictures (I don't have any now that he is growing up) here is my Summit's page.


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Hi- I stumbled upon this thread by chance. And thought I would offer up my knowledge and experience with the breed. Take from it what you wish.

We recently lost our 6 year old bernese mt. dog to cancer. My mother in law also recently lost her 1 year old bernese (that was already showing signs of hip displaysia) Bella suffered from kidney failure.

We just got another puppy but chose not to get another Bernese Mt. Do due to some of the issues that have arisen in the breed here in the US.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a great breed but unfortunately the breed is facing some major challenges with health problems. Cancer has become a very very big problem in the breed and it is becoming more and more rare for a berner to live past 5 or 6 years old. I also notice, a lot of them already seem to be showing problems with their hips.

Another problem, I think, is the appearance of the dogs. Many of the berners I see around have skinny legs, small heads, and way too much white.

I guess my point is DO YOUR RESEARCH before purchasing a berner. Make sure you see their parents and that the parents exibit signs of being healthy and correct in appearance. Another point is that 6 years is not long enough to have with a wonderful dog so be aware that life span of these dogs rarely exceeds this. Be sure to ask what the past life spans of other dogs from the puppies line have been.
Below is very good example of appropriate markings. Notice too, the wide head and muscular legs.

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Hello, I'm here again [img]http://www.cosgan.de/images/smilie/froehlich/a010.gif[/img]

Now I have two bernese and the same old cocker [img]http://www.cosgan.de/images/smilie/froehlich/e020.gif[/img]

My bernese is Oktava (now 7 year old) and her daughter Vesta (now 2.5year old). And cocker Bitė (now 12 year old)

Oktava (at right) and Vesta (at left):

And here is Vesta's daughter Barbe (at the right, 6 moths old):

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