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A few weeks ago, I was watching a show callled Miracle pets or something like that. I forgot the clanne, Im not a channel expert.
Well, a man brought his puppy into a shelter. The man said he did not want the shelter to put him to sleep if he didn`t get a home. They took in the puppy, and gave the pup extra time to be adopted.
After time passed, the vet put the puppy to sleep. Just then, the man said that he wanted the puppy again. So the vet tried something she has never done before.
She took the puppy to the animal hospital. The puppy was still alive. Then they did all this confusing stuff to make pup stay alive. The pup survived! :D
Heres the sad part. A family in a nearby city was walking their dog off leash when it got hit by a car. :(
Back at the shelter, the man came and said he didnt want pup anymore. Cant he make up his mind? :roll: The shelter looked for a new home.
The people with the dog hit applied to adopt the puppy. The puppy, named Lazarus, got many requests for adoption. Finally, they decided!

I don`t know whereyou can find about this on internet, but It was amazing!

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I saw that episode!! Weird, wonderful, and goofy at the same time, eh? It's on PAX or whatever it's called. I got a dish so I couldn't tell you the channel.

There was also one where this dog was gonna die because he jumped outta the car window (he was a big dog) and landed on his head. Then, this lost dog came into the house (why the door was open I'll never know) and layed down by the dog and cured him. Weird, eh? It turns out the miracle dog's name was Angel.

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