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Agility and my senior dog Jesse


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I am part of a Just For Fun agility league, both girls get to
participate. I always take all 3 dogs with me, Jesse stays in the van and
watches us through the window. We do this outside with fairly adequate

Last night one of the teams was short a handler/dog combo. Due to
the way scoring is done, their team would not have gotten one because
they did not have enough people. Anyway, I thought about it for a
minute, then offered to bring Jesse out and sub for the combo that was
absent. I'm gonna dip into the 'attributing human emotions to dogs
pool' here, I felt I was seeing some sadness and lack of understanding
from him when I took the girls out and not him. He always loved doing
agility and I loved doing it with him. Geez I do miss those days. Oh I

You pick the jump height you want in this league so I asked for the jumps to be set at 12 inches. He jumped 24 in AKC as a younger dog. I chose not to ask him to do the dogwalk as in the dimmer lighting he would be too scared to even try. He always did think the dogwalk was a scary thing and with dimming eyesight, its far worse.
We did not set any speed records but he had a clean round and truly
seemed to be having a blast. I did think he was going to jump off the
teeter sideways for a moment but thankfully he elected to move
forward when I asked him to. I was also tickled to hear all around that no
one would have guessed he was 11 if I had not told them. As soon as
our run was over and he was done with me telling him how wonderful he
was, he trotted over to a lovely golden bitch and flirted, no doubt
sure she was impressed with his jumping style. He truly did act like a
happy dog.

After we got home and they all had their dinner, I was glad to see he
was feeling pretty good as he rolled over on his back and had himself
a good scratch and snort session. I won't ask him to do much jumping as physically this is not in his best interest, mentally however this was a huge boost for him.

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Guest Anonymous

OH, that's gotta break your heart when he CAN'T do what he likes. I'm sure he's feeling like a king again! That's so great that he got to participate! I'm happy for you AND him...

Keep us updated on the golden situation as well, please.

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