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    Shih Tzu size

    I wonder whats not good about Purina? Thanks
  2. This is the first dog for me. I never considered a dog in my whole life never had the heart for animals but would not harm them in any way at all. I just got lonely one day (on my menustration which I should have know not to make such drastic decision on those kinds of days) and I saw a newspaper ad and didn't give it one thought and met the guy and bough her the next day. I have a female shih tzu. I have had her for three weeks and I am ready to give her AWAY but to a loving and senior home. Its only me living with her and she gets lonely and emotional when I am not there and when I am there I cant keep her off of me! and I am not use to this and I am getting no sleep and I am not use to taking care of some one else. I miss my alone time and my sleep and I dolove her and rush home on my breaks (even 15 minute breaks) to take her out to potty but I feel like I just am tired of all of this. Any suggestions?
  3. ajiotal

    Shih Tzu size

    My puppy is 12 weeks old and 4.5 pounds and the doctor said that is normal. After that I took her back 3 days later and she had gained weight (went up to 4.8 pounds in 3 days) and the doctor frowned at that when she got off the scale and the way he said "she has gained weight" made me realize she was gaining weight too fast and I know what I was doing wrong, I was feeding her TOO MUCH but he didn't say anything to me about it being bad but I could read his expression I was feeding her like 2 cups of dog food a day but I didn't know no better now I feed her 1/4 a cup of purina one twice a day or what ever she will eat of that and no more. She was 4.8 pounds last week now she is 4.5 pounds again which the doctor said is VERY NORMAL no worries. Talk to your vet for sure about this though to be safe!! also shih tus gain weight EASILY and You can tell if you have a FAT shih tzu I could and now she is not so wide but healthy and I go by the feeding instructions on the food bag.
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