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  1. I haven't lied about my breed (papillons). It's kind of hard to confuse them of anything else. Though some people think they make a good long haired chi. ;) I have however lied about the price of them! :oops: When people say "Oh what a gorgeous dog, how much do they run?" I size them up. If they look like their inquiring about the breed and not just the value... I tell them the truth. About $1,000-$3,000. If it's someone shady who ONLY is concerned about the price, I lie and say "Eh you can get them around $200." LOL That's awful, but my babies are so precious to me they are much more than a pricetag.
  2. I replied to this in the "Everything About Dogs" section. :) I had a papillon with luxating patellas. I also a couple of months ago started a thread here about it. There's all kinds of information in there too. [url]http://forum.dogomania.com/viewtopic.php?t=15608[/url] Good luck!
  3. I have a papillon that was operated on for luxating patellas. He was a grade 2 on one knee and a 3 on the other. The surgery failed and both were still luxating. This time they were worse and were luxating both inward and outward. I had no choice but to go through another surgery because he had no stability in either hind leg. The next surgery was more painful and more complex. 4 months later we are still dealing with problems and he's still possibly luxating in one of his knees. Surgery was the worst thing I could have ever done to my little guy. I wish I had tried other alternative methods first. I highly recommend you get her on some Glucosamine (500-750mg daily), MSM (500mg) and Chondroiten (500mg.) Get the human doses for this, as they are less expensive and much stronger. This will help with the pain and swelling. You should also try to limit her acitivity, carry her up and down stairs and don't let her jump on the couches or beds. I know this sounds impossible, but it just takes a little more time and it really helps. If things don't change, she will only get worse. :( Does she like to swim? If so, try to find a place that does therapy on dogs or horses. Hydrotherapy has done wonders for my papillon. If your pom is small enough, you might be able to fill a tub or utility sink and let her swim (supervised and with your help of course.) I use a towel under my pap's belly and pull it up and hold on tight... he's lifted off the tub bottom and supported by the towel, and still able to swim in place. This is great for building up the muscles around the patella and helping it hold the knee in place. Slow walking on a loose leash up and down a very gentle hill may help too. If you notice she's more sensitive after the walk, stop. The more muscle you can build around her knee, the less likely it will pop out. However, if she can't walk on a loose leash and yanks and pulls on you, it's ONLY going to make it worse. :( I would try NOT to walk her if that's the case. Let her exercise in the home. These small dogs are tough. They learn to adapt. Soon you'll see her manipulating her own leg to get it back into place. Good luck with your girl. I hope things go well! Colleen
  4. I don't know if this applies to dogs, but in horses when a coat gets downy it could be from Cushing's disease. I know dogs can get this, so that's one thing to check for maybe? I hope they took your advice with the CBC! Let us know how things go. :)
  5. [quote name='gooeydog']natural stand up ears- GSDs (and the other similar shepherd breeds), Chows, Akitas, some APBTs and AmStaffs (Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not supposed to be cropped), Heelers, Chis, Pharoah and Ibizan hounds, Malamutes, Huskies, Basenjis, Scotties, Corgis, Bull Terriers, Yorkies, Poms, Westies, Boston Terriers (can be cropped as well), French Bulldogs. [/quote] Don't forget Papillons! ;)
  6. [quote=Ripley's Girl] Colleen, how'd the show turn out?[/quote] Fabulous! :D Gabe went Best Of Winners and Best Of Opposite Sex for his first two points!! :) We have another show on the 23rd I believe. Cross your fingers. ;) Colleen
  7. Aww thanks guys!! It means so much to me! :) We've worked so hard for this. :) Golden... I've been reading up on the European shows. How interesting! It's very different but I'd like to learn even more. :)
  8. Today I was walking one of my paps around at the local park. A lady approached me with a young bitch and we started talking. I could tell Gabe was really interested in the girl so I said, "Is your dog in heat?" She looked at me funny and said, "Oh she might be! She's 9 1/2 months now." I told her I could tell because of Gabe's behavior. (I show Gabe so he has been left intact.) She told me she wanted to breed her dog, and I'm sure I must have looked shocked. I asked what breed the dog was. It was 1/2 toy poodle, 1/4 pom and 1/4 chi. She then proceeded to ask if I'd be interested in breeding Gabe to her dog. I was appalled. I told her that her dog was a) WAY too young b) mixed c) not to mention not health tested. She said "Well I was going to let you have one of the puppies or give you money for one of them when I sell it." I'm sure she was insulted when I told her firmly no, but I just couldn't believe she wanted to breed this puppy. In fact she said she wanted to hurry up and breed her before she came out of her heat. And this was a woman that had no idea her dog was in heat in the first place! I tried to tell her all of the bad things that could go wrong, how there were already so many unwated dogs, and how she needed to take care of her young bitch and be a responsible owner while she is in heat. I wish there were more ways to educate the public on the overpopulation of dogs and backyard breeding. Vets should put more pressure on their clients to spay or neuter their dogs. Especially those who are mixed or those looking to make money from a breeding. It's so upsetting. :( I'm sorry... I just had to vent. I hope she doesn't find a "mate"... but I'm sure there will be some taker. Sigh. -Colleen
  9. I just have to share my excitement. lol Gabe (my 14 month old papillon) went Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday! It's our very first 2 points and we beat a lot of difficult dogs. :) I didn't take pictures, but I got pictures done, so when I get them back, I'll be able to post it. :) *grinning from ear to ear!* :D -Colleen
  10. Oh! I forgot to add... Colby passed his 5 week exam. His patellas feel perfectly in place. We're going to continue with the therapy and get him rechecked again in 4 weeks. Cross your fingers for us. :)
  11. I guess I'm a little late... but one good thing to do is give Pedialyte. It's a baby/toddler liquid that helps with dehydration. It's very important to keep a puppy hydrated while they are ill with digestive problems. Glad he's feeling better though. :) And stay away from those nasty snacks. LOL
  12. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Ripley. :( At least his hips are good! And know that a grade 1 isn't something the dogs can't live with. Each time you go to the vet, have them check his patellas quickly to make sure they aren't getting worse. It's possible as he ages his knees may worsen. Still, try everything before surgery. lol Get him on those supplements if you haven't already and limit his jumping and stairs if possible. [b]Ikeffect[/b]... Thank you for that information! That's definitely something I'll look into.
  13. [quote=Ripley's Girl]She has offered to take him back and refund our money, but I wouldn't give him up for anything, and certainly not to her. [/quote] Oh I don't blame you. There's no way you could give him up! I can't believe people even offer that. They know they have you stuck because you'd never trade love for money! [quote] I really should have looked farther for a better quality breeder, but at the time I was 13 and weary after being criticized by show breeders and denied a puppy because of my age and inexperience with the breed.. (Before they even knew me, or TALKED to me on the phone, at that. :x ) [/quote] Don't beat yourself up over it. I should have looked for better in my first Papillon, but I didn't. I love him and nothing could ever change that. :) Like you said... you learn from your mistakes, even if it was the hard way. :evil: Show breeders are a tough crowd. They love their dogs so much that they are skeptical of everyone. Thankfully so. But, sometimes in their skepticism, they turn away the best homes. I was turned away by breeders for a year before I finally got Colby. [quote] He could very well be a performance dog, I wouldn't mind getting more involved in obedience, he's smart as a whip and would be very good at it. [/quote] Ohhh I hope you start soon!!!! I bet he'd be amazing! :) [quote] GOOD LUCK in the show, let me know how it goes!! :D[/quote] Thank you Thank you! Gabe's more than happy to go.. but it's Loki's first time out. Cross your fingers for us! ;) -Colleen, Colby, Gabe and Loki
  14. lol My list of questions.... ;) How old was he when he first had the surgery? What kind of anesthesia was used, if you know? What kind of hernia did he have? What was his recovery time like afterwards? Is he sensitive to shots or allergic to anything? He still could be a performance dog! :) Do you like obedience? If you can manage those legs and hips... I think he'd do fine! He might not be able to do agility, but I don't see why some obedience work would do much harm. What was your breeder like? Do they know if they have these problems in their lines often? Were the parents health tested? I'm really interested in genetics soley because my breeder is going to use one of my dogs as a stud for his breeding program once he gets his championship, passes his CGC test, and passes the rest of his health tests. (So far, so good!) And we have another show this weekend! ;) Cross your fingers!
  15. He sure is a beauty. Those ears alone are gorgeous! There's a lot to think about when bringing in a toy dog with other large dogs, but if you're extremely careful and teach all the dogs to respect each other's space, it should work out. :) Good luck! He is so precious!
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