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  1. inflow

    teaching sled-pulling

    [quote name='Pumpkin the musher']Always start slow and easy- first I would get Moody used to wearing the harness- no pulling, just having the harness on and having a positive experience. My puppies start by pulling something small and fairly light, like a chunk of wood, nothing that is too heavy or that could roll forward and run into them like a wagon or cart. Command training is a little harder- I put the dog on a single tug line from the harness, them a leash on their collar- The command for turn right is "Gee" I give the command and give a gentle tug on the leash to turn them to their right, and when they comply they get a treat. Eventually they begin to move in that direction without the leash tug; same for the left or "Haw" command. Also check out the "Sled Dog Cental" website- I believe there are some resources in Europe on their links and mentors page- good luck![/quote] Thanks..this helps alot, I will check that website also! I have get Moody used to wear harness and we sometimes go to bikeride wih it...(he is on springer ofcourse) and when doing that he just LOVES to pull the bike and run...
  2. inflow

    Weird mixed breeds

    I have seen spaniel and great dane mix...it was really hudge dog looking like spanjel. :o
  3. inflow


    I really don`t understand how can some people even think about asking a perfect strangers to sell their dogs to them...i think nobody would sell their loved and raised dog away...no matter how much buyers will pay...
  4. inflow

    Borzoi`s eating problems...

    [quote name='Mei-Mei']I would suggest a visit to the vet just to establish that nothing is physically wrong with the dog. I have a Great Dane that hardly eats anything. She's thin as a rail. I am always very worried about it but the vet says she's healthy. A LOT of dogs that we see and think are 'normal' sized are actually overweight. I wouldn't worry to much about the Borzoi's eating habits AFTER the dog had gotten checked by a vet. It may just be a picky eater.[/quote] she has taken him to the vet and borzoi was physically ok...he IS a picki eater, but becose of that he can`t go to the dog shows...