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Amerykanie tworzą hybrydy - biszkoptowy flat coated retriever

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Trzeba to nagłośnić, żeby nikt na to nie poszedł jeśli nie jest za późno..

I wanted to let you know of some folks that we have in the US that live in
> Pennslyvania. Their names are Joseph and Kathleen Cruz and they are
> currently making inquiries in Norway and Sweden and Poland for flat-coats.
> Nina from Covenstead recently got an inquiry.
> They currently have some flat-coats and American cocker spaniels and are
> intentionally cross breeding them to make a new breed. They have just added
> a dog(not sure dog or bitch) from Fance Dance kennel that is yellow that I
> would bet they will be incorporating into their breeding program.
> There has been quite a bit of awareness in the US about them in the last 6
> months and unfortunately not alot we can do to stop them but now they are
> going abroad to accumulate stock so I wanted to inform you about this.
> Please pass my email on to whoever else you would like and inform as many
> other breeders that you can
> Here is their website - [B]www. chathamhillkennels. com [/B]
> Cheryl Kistner
> [url=http://www.kistryl.com]Kistryl Flat-Coated Retrievers[/url]
> Win, Dolly, & Ona!







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[QUOTE]Oni chcą zrobic nową rase czyli połączyć labki ze spanielem?[/QUOTE]

tak, chcą zrobić [B]miniaturowego retrievera[/B] :roll:

może i będą śliczne, bo każde szczenaki są śliczne, ale na pewno nie osiągną psychiki retrieverów :shake: :-(

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