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Ringing noise in dog's ear

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When I put my ear right next to my dog's, I can hear a very faint high-pitched ringing tone coming from his ear. He is a 4yr old black/white border collie with a history of a few mild ear infections (2 to be exact). I know that tinnitus can cause a ringing noise in the ear, but I was unaware if others could hear the ring also if they are close enough to the ear (ear against ear). I am curious if anyone knows about this? Is this a symptom of tinnitus in my dog's ear canal?

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I know this was back in 2008 but I just adopted a dog 2 months ago and the ringing in his ear's is so loud that you can sometimes hear it from 3 to 4 feet away in a quit room.  Like yours, his right ear is louder and he did have a recent ear infection.  He is about 2 years old and otherwise seems healthy.  The vet and the doggie neurologist (yes, thats a thing) are both stumped.  

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