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  1. [quote name='doggy']My dogs here were never been chained. I read somewhere in a magazine that dogs never liked it when their owners chain them. They feel that their owners dont like them.[/quote] doggy thats very interesting I chaine my dog some time although I see that agression seems to play a big part in it ;)
  2. try making youre own fence with stuff you buy from a garage sale great cheap deals ;)
  3. [quote name='Queen Bitch']Many people who come here don't know what a responsible, good breeder is. I say say give them a list! Could we make this stickey? A responsible breeder: - does not perpetuate that a crossbreed is an actual breed ( Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Schnoodles etc.) - does not breed dogs of their breed to be bigger or smaller than the breed standard. ( IE does not use giant, king sized, bigger is better, teacup, peanut etc as a selling point.) - does not use color as a selling point - does not refer to any color that is not a common trait as "rare"( such as blue pit bulls, liver Dalmatians, blue Dobermans etc), especially if it is not an acceptable color for the breeds standard. ( For example: white Dobermans, Silver Labs, lemon Dalmatians, etc.) - health tests all his dogs before breeding - does not let a pet quality dog go unaltered - only breeds titled dogs that have been proven to fit the breed standard to a T and will improve the breed due to having a sound body and temperment - is [I]usually[/I] involved in rescue at some level be it fostering, financial, timewise, etc. - thoroughly screens the homes his/her pups go to - produces few dogs - takes back the dogs of thier breeding(in explanation: If for any reason the purchaser of the dog cannot keep it due to illness, financial hardship or anything else that would cause someone to give up their dog, the breeder will take it back and rehome it themselves as opposed to the dog ending up in a shelter.) - is there throughout the dogs life to answer questions and give advice to the owner. Anyone have anything to add?[/quote] each person is very unique " a dog breeder is constantly working harder to improve their training efforts and make it easier for themselves in the long run " using health techniques are one of the most valued conscience of breeding try feeding your pets a better type of [URL="http://www.healthfoodforpuppies.com"]premium pet food[/URL] :wink:
  4. [quote name='mouseatthebusstop']just the right age between 4 and 6 months[/quote] Nice Hounds cool pics"
  5. [quote name='nasek718']Animal Planet really needs to keep this show off the air. The APBT is not getting any possitive press from this show. All I've seen thus far are a bunch of people who are killing a breed one by one under the guise that the are helping the breed by getting them away from the irresponsible owners. Instead of trying to find a foster home or adoptive family they nurse the sick dogs back to health and then kill them under their DSL. I for one hate the light that this show spins on the breed. The show is primarly filmed in one of 4 locals. New York City, Houston, Miami-Dade, and good old Detroit. All of which have a shoot first ask questions second when it comes to Bully breeds. Not every Pit bull found is aggresive. More often than not they just want a lap to rest on. If anyone else has seen this show and dislikes it please let me know. :agrue:[/quote] well yea I am actually why would they do this hmmmmmmmmmmmm :watpliwy:
  6. [quote name='lukey']Like I said, we cannot afford a fence. It's not like I keep him outside 24/7. It's my dog, and he's not suffering from being tied out.[/quote] Just a tip lukey :lol:
  7. [quote name='lukey']I tie out my dog about 5 times a day, about 15 min. each. This is so he can use the bathroom, romp around, enjoy the air, etc. He's inside the rest of the time. We cannot afford a fence nor can I risk him running away. I don't see anything wrong with that. He goes on walks and runs too. Heck, he'll whine and act like he's dying if his paws get left out in the cold for longer than 15 min. What a pansy! :smile:[/quote] Why tie him when you could build a fence":mdrmed:
  8. [quote name='SHEILA OQUIRKE']I have just joined this group because I am in so much pain about my dog of several years being gone. We just moved into a house in Sacramento, Calif and she doesn't know how to get back. She's been gone for a day. The phone number on her tag isn't up to date. I feel so bad that I don't feel I can go on without her. Sheila[/quote] thasts a real heart breaking story I hope all is well and I will pray for your pet Cheers Hawaii":roll:
  9. [quote name='Mastiffman']Hello all, Just looking into any information on starting a dog walking business. I have some experience having a giant bullmastiff, however, I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in actually taking the first steps. And or any pointers on how lucrative it is. Just FYI - I'm in Toronto, Ontario. Where the summers are HOT and winters are COLD. Any help would be great.[/quote] Mastiffman are you open to suggestions we have a better Opportunity for you see my sig lines more info be glad to work with you Cheers:fadein:
  10. by know your pupps have to be big a healthy make sure you feed them human grade [URL="http://www.dog-trainers.us"]pet food [/URL]every day
  11. Cindy nice good help which medicine were you giving your pup"?
  12. I agree with this above" recently I stumbnled over a great agility and [FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][URL="http://www.healthypetnet.com/HealthyPetNet/Catalog/ProductDetail.aspx?realname=40006367&Ath=False&hdr=&cat=0&ProductID=102012"][B][/B]Phytonutrient Power[/URL] for Dogs [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana]Provides a broad spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, natural plant oils and green foods to supplement a healthy diet. Helps maintain good health and well-being. Helps maintain healthy immune and liver function. Delicious liver flavor to enhance acceptance.[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, Tahoma][SIZE=2][B] Cheers" lol" [/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
  13. great job lol" I appreciate anyone how helps the pets and animals we love most
  14. [quote name='Missy'][B]My new puppy Zeus, has bad Diarrhea.He Is currently being treated for round worms and I was wondering if the medicine he is on could be the cause, or if it is the food we have him on, or something else all together? I took him out routinely throughout the night, and each time he poohed and it was really, really runny and with all the trips out he still managed to pooh ALLOT on his potty pad and in some hidden zones and they to were very, very runny. He is currently eating Nutro, and he has his treats he gets for going potty outside after each #1 and #2 he gets 1 Zuke's Mini Naturals chicken formula, and once we get inside from completing both he gets a canine carry out chewy snack. As Far as water we only give him filtered water like we drink because we don't trust the tap water. He was chewing mini rawhide bones, but we took those away because he went nuts on them and we were afraid he would choke, so we got beef flavored compressed bones instead.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[/B][/quote] Hy Missy" In reference to your question given time and the correct type of health foods for pets you will soon see a more proven method that will allow your pet to increase its health benefits" I would suggest you talk with a holistic vet they have more of a natural approach" have a look at this article and tell me if you find any of these interesting as far as a [URL="http://blogurple.com/?p=202"]Holistic Vet [/URL]Dr. is of concern.
  15. I agree here their are more recalls scheduled for this entire yr
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