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  1. I support pediatric (8-9 weeks old) spay/neuter, but only in a shelter setting. If the animal is owned then waiting is best, but for shelter animals I think it's better the pets go out altered than to go out on certificate/contract. That's my opinion only. Our shelter fixes every animal and has been doing so for 2 years now - I think it's a great thing for us to be doing as our adopted animals are definitely not breeding.
  2. Mine: 3 Keeshonden, 1 Shiloh Shepherd So that makes it Keeshonden: 3 Shiloh Shepherd: 1 Boxer: 1 Kelpie: 1 Labrador: 4 Mini Poodle: 1 Papillon: 1 Foxhound: 1 Standard Poodle: 2 Toy Poodle: 1 Lhasa Apso: 2 Mini Schnauzer: 1 Chihuahua: 1 Pit Bull: 1 Malamute: 1 Border Collie: 1
  3. Great news! I have been thinking about ILPing my Keeshond girls. I did get their papers from the rescue, but I do not wish to register them with the AKC that way as they came from a horrid breeder. Besides I defaced their papers anyway! So I might just ILP one of them. Most likely Kara as she my friendly one and I'd be able to compete in obedience with her one day.
  4. Good idea! I can tell you from past experience that our shelter has had to dock tails before due to injury. The last one was a 1 year old Boxer mix, he kept banging his tail against the sides of his kennel and split it open repeatedly. We tried bandaging it, it always came off. We also tried bandaging the tail to either his leg or his belly - no result. We finally had to take it off and leave him a nubbin. After that his kennel was clean - no more blood on the walls, it looked like a bloodbath every morning!
  5. Oh my that is funny! Mystic got spooked yesterday by a REAL tiger! Our shelter took away a baby tiger cub as he wasn't being properly cared for. We had to hold him at the shelter because the sanctuary couldn't take him till monday. She woofed a little at him, but when he roared at her she turned tail! He's cute but so NOT a pet!
  6. Mystic's breeder was at the show too and she was just as ecstatic as I was! I'm definitely going to have to upgrade her papers from pet to show quality now - she had told me she thought she'd be a great show dog for me and she was right!
  7. Well, I went and showed Mystic this past Sunday. It was a 3-day show weekend with the National Specialty on Saturday. I have never showed a dog before in my life so I listened and watched very closely friday and saturday to prepare for her show on sunday. The judge was very forthcoming with advice, tips and help so I learned alot. Anyway, I entered the ring with her on sunday and I was SO nervous! But, not her! She had so much fun! It turned out to be a VERY good show as we ended up winning: Winners Bitch Best of Winners Best of Breed (plush) Best in Show (puppy) OH MY! I
  8. I can also add that I have been and am in a similar position with my Keeshond, Kyra. Her breed is known to be very friendly, but she is not. I adopted her from a rescue when she was 6 months. She came from very bad breeding and was not socialized in the critical first 6 months of her life until I got her. I had her evaluated by 2 behaviorists - one said put her down as she would likely bite someone, the other saw nothing wrong with her. I was very confused as to how they could have such totally different opinions. I tried to socialize her by taking her with me to work, not a good idea. I had h
  9. O that is so sad that you are having these problems. I will echo the unpopular opinion and say it might be best if she were put down. That breed is known to be very people friendly so to find one that isn't is a major red flag. Her aggression to children is most scary as they are usually so good with kids. Remember that she is at a child's face level and we have all seen the headlines when a Pit Bull attacks a kid. You wouldn't want her to be become one more statistic that the BSL people will use. Are you going to want to keep her from all kids for the next decade or more? I think the sa
  10. Alot of vets push for early neutering (before 6 months) alot go for the 6 month time period, and still others say to wait till after age 1. The theory goes that dogs need their male hormones to mature and so they recommend holding off on neutering until age 1 or 2. I think it's just personal preference, if I ever get a male dog I might just wait till he was 9 months to a year old to neuter him. It's really up to you, just bear in mind that he will try to reach females in heat when he's about 6 months till he's neutered so be very careful about that. They are a truly bear-like breed, I abs
  11. The stupidity of some people just amazes me. They think they will have dollar bills on four legs. When I first got Mystic, people (including those I work with at the shelter) said I should breed her a few times since Shilohs sell for over $1000 usually and could make tons of money. I added up all the things that would be needed to produce one good litter and that cost was higher than what I paid for her. Now if all I cared about was money, then I probably could make some easily. I'd have to cut so many corners it would be ridiculous! Emergency c-section, nope. Vaccines, nope. All the testing,
  12. Oh my, I am in love - he's just too cute! I grew up with an OES, my parents bought her for Xmas in 1981 from a pet store (Doktor Pets, they didn't know any better at the time). She was colored just like yours and had 1 blue eye, 1 brown eye. Her name was Scruffy (I named another dog I had Scruffy as well because he looked like a mini version of her). I remember almost losing her as back in the 80's vets said they had to go through heat before spaying. She was 1 year old when she was spayed and lost so much blood, they almost lost her. She moved in with my grandma in 1985 and became a yard dog,
  13. I agree completely and said as much too. I work hard to socialize and train my girls to accept most everything. The exception is Kyra who will likely never be an outgoing, accepting type of dog - she will not wear a vest. But the rest really don't care, I can do anything to them like trim their nails and foot fur without a fight. I am proud that my dogs are so accepting.
  14. Go here: [url]http://www.raspberryfield.com/index.html[/url] Pick a vest color and if you want zippered side pockets (both my vests have them) then specify what you want each side to say. Simple!
  15. You know, on this board I have heard nothing but positive things regarding my vest idea for my dogs. I posted the same pics on another board and wouldn't you know, someone replied and said that making animals wear such things isn't natural for them. Well, you know lots of people refuse to spay/neuter because that's not "natural" either for them. I must say I'm very surprised by that kind of response. I was told that I shouldn't make my dogs spread my message for me. Just kinda makes me a little mad at first, but that's just one person's opinion and they are entitled to it. They'd probabl
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