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  1. Did you take a look at the people that I posted the link to and if so what did you think of them? Quite a few people have told me that they think they are expensive but I'm not too sure what to think so any opinions are welcome. :wink:
  2. I hope that I can make her see sense because I dont think it's the best of ideas myself but she is so hard to convince once she has her heart set on something. Has anybody got any ideas of how to go about this......Does anybody know of any books or something like that to try and get her to change her mind?
  3. If i was ever placed in this sort of situation I would pay as much as I could as my dogs mean the world to me and I would be begging the people responsible to take care and settle for the money that I managed to raise and not keep demanding money that I could not possibly pay. These sort of incidents are rare as far as I am aware so hopefully none of us will have to go through such a nightmare.
  4. A friend of mine is expecting a baby and is due next month and is considering another addition to the family in the form of a puppy. Is this a good idea or should she wait until the baby is older, does anybody have any advice either way? Anybody tried the people below?
  5. That must of been a horrible experience for Elliot's owner and one I hope nobody here has to go through. Good news to hear that he was returned though but strange for them to say how he was useless....for what I wonder? There are some tuely sick people in this world of ours :x
  6. This has to be an isolated incident though surely as I had never heard of such a case before I came across this article. Has anybody else ever heard of similar circumstances? :confused1:
  7. I stumbled across this story and It made me think about how much my dogs mean to me and how much I'd be prepared to pay to get them back if they were ever held to ransom. Now I know this is a little far fetched but it does happen and the following story proves it: How Much Is Your Dog Worth To You? We hear in the news that a man from Denmark refused to pay a ransom of
  8. [u]It's Great to be a Dog[/u] 1. If it itches, you can reach it. And no matter where it itches, no one will be offended if you scratch it in public. :lol: 2. No one notices if you have hair growing in weird places as you get older. :lol: 3. Personal hygiene is a blast: No one expects you to take a bath every day, and you don't even have to comb your own hair. :lol: 4. Having a wet nose is considered a sign of good health. :lol: 5. No one thinks less of you for passing gas. Some people might actually think you're cute. :lol:
  9. Hi Everybody, I am here to pick your brains and see what you can tell me about pet insurance as I'm sure some of you have taken policies out for your loved ones. Basically I've been doing some research and stumbled across one place that seems quite reasonable but some input from you guys would be really useful. I need to know what catches to look out for and any recommendations (companies) would also be appreciated. I am looking at [url=http://www.pet-health-insurance.co.uk]these people[/url] so If you know anything please let me know.
  10. DOG RULES NEWSPAPERS: If you have to go to the bathroom while playing in the front yard, always use the newspaper that's placed in the driveway every morning for that purpose. VISITORS: Quickly determine which guest is afraid of dogs. Charge across the room, barking loudly and leap playfully on this person. If the human falls down on the floor and starts crying, lick its face and growl gently to show your concern. BARKING: Because you are a dog, you are expected to bark. So bark--- a lot. Your owners will be very happy to hear you protecting their house. Especially late at nigh
  11. Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd share this with you all. If Dogs could Send a Letter to God... Dear God, Why do humans smell the flowers, but seldom, if ever, smell one another? Where are their priorities? Dear God, When we get to heaven, can we sit on your couch? Or is it the same old story? Dear God, Why are there cars named after the jaguar, the cougar, the mustang, the colt, the stingray, and the rabbit, but not ONE named for a dog? How often do you see a cougar riding around? We dogs love a nice ride! Would
  12. This really came as quite a shock to me which is why I thought I would share it here. It is amazing how man people I have seen feed their dogs all manner of foods without ever taking the consequences into consideration! Many people believe that feeding garlic in the dogs diet can be good for repelling fleas but can have all of the following effects although cats are have more of a weakness towards the effects: Vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, discolored urine, weakness, liver damage, allergic reactions, asthmatic attacks, and in case of skin exposure, contact dermatitis. It's mad how
  13. I was off having a look around another forum yester day and came across this link that can only be described as a real eye opener. It lists human foods and the effects that they can have on dogs which should really be taken seriously in my opinion. :o [url]http://www.peteducation.com/category_summary.cfm?cls=2&cat=1939[/url]
  14. Hi Shannon, I'll be honest and say that I have no idea! I registered under the name 'Top Dog' as it was the first name that popped into my head and at that point I had no avatar at all and whilst off browsing around managed to come across this the picture I'm using and thought it was quite fitting for obvious reasons (name on hat) and that was that! I didn't really pay that much attention to the breed altough upon close inspection I think it may be something like a Staffy or a Bulldog although from what I've seen on your web page you should have a pretty good idea of what a Bullmastiff loo
  15. Not to worry these things happen but the cheek of it.....Only joking...everything is cool! :lol:
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