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  1. This site has a lot of info about the "American Indian Dog": [url]www.indiandogwarning.com[/url]
  2. Sanvean

    Scared puppy

    *Hugs* I'm so sorry about your losses. I would consult a trainer and see what he or she thinks of your pup. If they think she has issues that can't be overcome, then I would return her to the breeder. In the future, I would either go to the shelter or try to find a really top-notch breeder. Go here for more info: [url]http://www.phouka.com/puppy/bdr_frames.html[/url]
  3. Sanvean

    Regis & Kelly host "Mutt America"

    Hi there, Kia's Mommy! Long time no see! ;)
  4. [quote name='dogsgalore']Jesse follows me everywhere, Mom calls him my little white shadow.[/quote] That's what I call my Macy!
  5. Sanvean

    Always Faithful

    What beautiful photos! When we were in Edinburgh for our honeymoon, we saw a small grave for soldiers' dogs at Edinburgh Castle. Here's a picture I found of it online: [img]http://www.artfoundry.com/dsm/photo/virtualtour/edinburgh/dogCemet.JPG[/img]
  6. Sanvean

    Need info on pitbull/boxer

    I agree with everything Courtnek said. If you were petting the dog, that's a lot different than if you accidentally stepped on her paw!
  7. I agree with the others. Any kennel that sells 5-week-old pups has bigger problems than not providing customers with their paperwork. In addition, there are thousands of pit-bull pups in shelters that need homes.
  8. Sanvean

    Breeds and Teeth

    Toy breeds seem to have a lot of tooth probs -- all those teeth crammed into those tiny little mouths. My friend's 10-year-old Maltese just had to have 10 teeth pulled :(
  9. Sanvean

    Teeny rant about Annie

    I think everybody here has good suggestions. Furthermore, I think the law would be on your side, since you've been the one caring for Annie and paying for her food, medical treatment, etc. all these years.
  10. Sanvean

    Finding a good breeder

    This site has a lot of good info on finding a breeder: [url]http://www.phouka.com/puppy/bdr_frames.html[/url]
  11. Sanvean

    Mini yorkies

    I agree, Bentley....there is no such thing as a "mini Yorkie." But I wouldn't put any Yorkie, mini or not with small children. If you have small kids and want a smaller dog, a bichon or Cavalier King Charles spaniel would be a good choice.
  12. Sanvean

    "Shelter Dogs" HBO documentary

    I saw this yesterday and was very upset by the part with the cocker. The dog was fine when she did the food-aggression test with the kibble, so she gave the dog a HIGHLY desirable treat (a pig ear), ignored its warning growls, kept jabbing the hand in its face, and then goes, "Oh my gosh! That's the worst reaction I've ever seen!" Amazing that both that dog and the wheaten were "the worst she's ever seen." How lucky that the cameras happened to be there both times. :roll:
  13. Sanvean


    What a sweet baby!!!
  14. Sanvean

    please vote for this little guy to win...

    Voted! What a cutie!
  15. Sanvean

    OMG!! Religion and DOGS?

    I'm a Catholic, and while we don't believe in artificial birth control, that teaching does NOT apply to animals! I saw a question about this once on a very orthodox Catholic site, and it said that since animals have no free will (basically, they can't HELP but "do it"), then this obviously does not apply to them and they can morally be spayed/neutered.