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  1. hows this my cavalier king charles spaniel is called charlie :D when we decided on his name it didnt dawn on us how unorginal it is!!!! oh well
  2. i used to be a groomer and if he is double coated would go with the suggestion to just have him bathed and all the undercoat & loose stuff out and maybe just thin out his coat, if you clip a double coated dog they look terrible :o and never reallys grows back right. You also need to remember that the coat can act as protection against heat so clipping him short COULD have the oposite effect.
  3. no one's ever really asked stupid questions of me except with my old collie X who HATED other dogs they would ask oh is he freindly? (my dog straining on his lead growling me legs braced trying to stop him) er no!! I was told today though that whippets are cross's when I said no their not I was told well they've not got a breed standard :-? I gave up at that point
  4. so sorry to hear you are having such a bad time I can't really offer any advice but one thing I can do is to send [color=red][size=7]BIG [/size][/color]hugs hope things start looking up soon [/u]
  5. occasionally our two try to beg but most often they will lie asleep on the sofa beside you while you are eating ( our dining table had to go to make way for the xmas tree then the computer desk then the XX large dog crate!!) No one beleives wus but I have acutally sat there with a dog each side of me as close as they can get without actially being on my knee and be absolutly out cold while I am tucking in to sausage and mash. :lol: :lol:
  6. charlie seems to be getting better everyday (touch wood) slow but sure we can see an improvement he starting to want to do more and is having little runs around. We are going to hydrotherapy today
  7. Hi my cavalier king charles had surgery on the 8 Jan on one leg and on 7 Feb the other leg. So it is 4 weeks ago he lad the last surgery has anybody had this kind of thing to deal with if so how long before they can walk without limping badly thanks
  8. I know this is an old thread but I have a mini waired dachsy cross who if gorgeous. When we got him we weren't looking for this breed but when we saw him we fell in love here are a few piccies his name is benji and he is now 15mnths old his birthday is the 5th of november with is bonfire night here in the UK. [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1063/0/a87fd47913457f7e866bbf4c5891721c.JPG[/img] [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1063/0/91536d50600ff610e4877fa4b722f18a.JPG[/img] [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1063/0/a75b174d2abd43c22136a9bb9877f901.JPG[/img]
  9. impossible to pick one but my faves are...... Cavelier King Charles Spaniel perticulaly blenhiems. Wire haired mini dachshunds Bulldogs English Bull Terrier Irish Wolfhouds Shar Pei's Akita's Border Collies Greyhounds Pekeinese Oh and Beagles and Bassets and Blood hounds Aw Heck all of em!!!! :D
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