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  1. I can't believe this! My dad's decided he will take the plunge and get a dog! This is truly wonderful news as since he and my mother broke up he has had very little interest in anything. Finally the family has convinced him that he needs something in the house with him as company, and cats were mentioned but he has decided its a dog he really wants. I'm not surprised as when I was a kid he and I were the very vocal pro dog lobby of the family- always over-ruled by the pro-neat-and-tidy-house-lobby- my mom. I just can't believe it. I still live with him so I see a huge role for me in settling doggy in and assisting with training- I have already identified our local training club. And I would love to give agility a whirl- great exercise for me and dog! I have been dying for this to happen, and I know it will be so great for my dad. He loves animals and has basically taken over the care of my pet bunnies. I think it will make such a difference to him to have something to care about and to get him out of the house again, he has been so depressed. He makes such a fuss of everyones dogs, and now he'll have his own. So pleased... Only thing is his heart is set on a German shepherd bitch- could be my fault, I have raved about them since I was little, and he meant to get one from a shelter, but all the ones I have seen at shelters have been very destructive and aggressive to other dogs- feeling discouraged about it, this isn't the norm is it? P.S. It'll happen when we move house, the old family home is up for sale, all beautifully decorated, and we are moving into a smaller, more untidy house that a dog could mess up a little if there are teething troubles!!
  2. Louis

    Dog attacks on horses and livestock

    Hi, I can't tell you how sad this makes me feel and how bad I feel for the owners of these animals. I thought you might be interested to see what is being discussed regarding dogs on other types of forum. I really want my puppy to be comfortable, safe and obedient around horses and the yard sheep, and any tips on integrating the two species would be appreciated.
  3. [size=6][b]R.E. Graswich: Her horse is a Rock in surprise attack by unleashed pit bull By R.E. Graswich -- Bee Staff Writer Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Wednesday, August 14, 2002[/b][/size] Dog and pony show: Riding her horse Rock near the Elkhorn Bridge, Barb Eggleston saw a man, woman and two dogs in the distance. The dogs came running -- an 80-pound pit bull and a mutt. "Most dogs will never attack a horse from the front. This pit went straight in," Barb said. "He attacked Rock's shoulder. It was everything I could do to hang on." Rock, a muscular quarter horse, leaped and kicked. The pit moved to Rock's hindquarters, biting at his haunch. "Rock was running and kicking," Barb said. "I felt myself falling, but managed to hang on. If I had fallen, there's no way I would have survived that dog." The attack ended when Rock outran the pit. Barb circled back when she saw the people putting leashes on the dogs. "I rode up and said I wanted to talk to them," Barb said. "The man said, 'He's never done this before,' then got mad at me for agitating his dog. They got in a car and left." Barb memorized the license plate and reported it. She's waiting to hear from authorities. Meantime, riding will never be the same. "Rock is OK," she said. "But this ruins your peace." ...
  4. Louis

    Dogs dont' get along

    Try under 'small dogs' I think its all there...
  5. Louis

    Dogs dont' get along

    Well, its lovely and sunny outside and soo warm... Unfortunately I am chained to the computer monitor learning to programme (don't ask :evil: ) and I am not getting to see ANY of it! Also the air conditioning in here is set to arctic.. brrrrrrr!! :o Look I am soo shocked over what Beagle did- has this kinda thing happened here before? Every1 else seems to be taking it so well!!
  6. The fact is, you can't just ask for advice and expect it all to support everything you are already thinking- you have to face facts. Some of the advice is going to run completely contrary to your current thoughts. If you don't want to hear things that don't precisely match your present perceptions on a subject, shut your ears, and DON'T ASK ADVICE!! Its a stupid blinkered way to live, but if thats how you have to have it.... :o
  7. When are you going to let this dog into the house? Are you going to spend hours in the garden, rain or shine, playing with him? Have you got time to attend puppy training classes, obedience classes and so on? [b]Dogs don't just need money they need time.[/b] I hate to say it but from my point of view you are setting yourself up for some real trouble. A dog isolated in that environment for that length of time can look for things to occupy themselves.. this could include attempting to dig out of the garden or scaling fences but is most likely to involve long periods of loud, constant barking.. have you any neighbours because I am sure they will complain! Please consider. Do you really believe that a dog would choose that kind of lifestyle for himself? The old saying 'money can't buy you happiness' certainly applies to doggy living!
  8. Louis

    can BARF be live?

    :o Erm- from an animal welfare point of view please lets not all do this!!? My uncle told me from the start that his reptiles and snakes are all only fed freshly killed dead animals because live it is not at all unknown for them to harm the snake- rats particularly have been known to turn the tables. He had 3 beautiful boa constrictors, and I can still remember the first time I got to touch them.. such a revelation, all dry and so smooth(I was about 5).
  9. Louis

    Beautifull Boerboel pups

    I was thinking that- wow, look at those paws! I'm surprised they don't keep falling over them....! How cute? (mushy voiced awwww.. dribble.. simper..) :)
  10. Louis

    Mr Winkle!!!!!!!

    Breeding more??! Isn't one quite enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
  11. Louis

    Cost of dog.

    My god Sash that is terrible. I remember hearing somewhere that suicide is hardest for those left behind as all they can do is think- why did I not see it coming.. what should I have done.. The hardest thing is to learn to forgive yourself. You can't take the ultimate responsibility for the other person's final actions. You can only do your best for yourself and hope that they can in turn do the best for themselves.
  12. Louis

    Cost of dog.

    AAARGH CDs- My personal nemesis. My boyfriend buys 100s of CDs a month and every time I walk into the house I am sitting on one/ a cover from one/ crushing those daft box sleeves they come in- they're a flippin' waste of money! I would swear he listens to them once and then they're in towers and stacks everywhere in every single room :o ... But at least he's supportive on the getting a dog front, he lived with one when he was younger so really likes them!
  13. Louis


    My main objection to the use of animals in experimentation of all kinds is the conditions under which they are frequently kept. I believe that the environments are all too often completely inadequate. The sheer volume of animals retained in research facilities means that stimuluating, complex housing is frequently too difficult to maintain and clean to be economically viable. I have spent a short time in a large lab that used a variety of animals because I needed some of their facilities years ago- so I know this and I speak from experience. I love rats as I used to keep them as pets- I know just how intelligent they are and how they love to explore- I found it quite disturbing to know this and to watch them confined to small, rectangular plastic tubs throughout their lives, sometimes with only an empty toilet roll to play with and sometimes with nothing at all. They were also not infrequently kept alone. I would like to see all animals used in research kept with full regard given to their needs and natures. I cannot imagine how you could keep monkeys and dogs fully stimulated without employing full-time 'playmates'. There is the problem- the cost. But I still maintain that something can and must be done. Before I spent time in this lab I was rabidly anti-animal experiments and it was a real eye opener, meeting those who looked after the animals and who were actually very nice and caring. It sounds strange if you haven't been there but they were!! It is not something I could do, but they work very hard and have to monitor the conditions of many animals. This lab was well run and sickening animals were always detected early, and almost always given POSITIVE treatment from a qualified vet- not euthanised because this was less trouble. There is no excuse for the treatment that the monkeys on this website received. I [i]personally[/i] still favour alternative forms of research strongly as I believe this is better for us as well as for the animals. The one story that really haunts me is that if penicillin had been tested on guinea pigs way back when, we most likely would not have it now because it is lethal to them! There is no guarantee that what works in a tiny, furry rodent will act in exactly the same way on a human being. I often think of that great contradiction in animal experimentation that I saw stated on a welfare site- If you ask a researcher why they test on animals they may say; Because they are like us If you ask why it is ok to test on animals they may say; Because they are not like us This is not a clearcut issue and it will never have a simple answer. If you think it is all black and white, wrong and right, I have to say you are wrong. The more you learn and the more you experience, the more you come to see that it is more shades of grey. Thats my opinion at any rate!!!
  14. Thanks Smooshie, thats a cool attitude you got there! Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it!! :D
  15. Louis


    Maybe I skimmed through this too quick, but weren't we talking about puppies that are just the wrong colour? Where are you on culling these dogs? Just outta interest- polite query!!