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  1. Louis

    Is it time?

    This is just so sad. Please try not to feel bad, I really think you did the best for this poor dog. She was well cared for with you guys and had every chance with you when others would have given her up so easily. It is not your fault that you could not help her. You are to be admired.
  2. Well my aunties Staffie bitch is VERY DANGEROUS!! If you were one of those door hanging beady things... boy you'd know about it. She'd get ahold of you with her 100IBS OF CLAMPING POWER and swing back and forth with all her PHENOMENAL STRENGTH until you were torn to pieces... well off the door frame anyway. :lol: She drives Nana barmy, she'll do that all day if you let her, she's a real hoot...!... did I give anything away...?
  3. Louis

    Dumb question of the week

    Bensam, loved your story!! Did anyone see the little Peke at Crufts (this year I think?) That did a kind of belly flop and threw itself flat on the ground wheneve the handler leaned over to pick it up? I thought it was a serious hoot..!
  4. I guess the other thing we are concerned about is not knowing a shelter dogs breeding as all the magazines warn about getting puppies from hipscored parents and something about heamophillia in males or something? But if we meet a dog there that will suit us, it seems that this would be the preferred source.
  5. Thanks guys, I will try. Could take a couple of months but if dogo is running alright you'll get to hear all about her the second she arrives. Hope alls well with forum members, I am here comparatively rarely now!! I noticed Shannon C is back, she was absent for a bit (welcome back S-C!!) and there's all these nice people I don't remember. I never thought having half a horse would be so much work- also we've had some teething troubles so much time is spent on equichat sites looking for advice to help us get used to eachother- but I'm still around - maybe soon I'll have loads to tell you about!! If anyone has any suggestions on things to think about before we are even close to getting doggie lemme know..! If we end up with a puppy I'll be looking for a puppy class too, I want the dog to like other dogs unlike the poor creatures I have met in shelters... Just praying house sale won't fall through or it could be months!!! We can't wait that long!!! :lol: I was supposed to put my photos from that makeover thing up wasn't I? I have them but I haven't had time to sort that out.. If I get round to it I'll put my part of a horsie up too.. worried readers fear not, she is a whole horse but I only have a share in part of her!!! :D
  6. I can't believe this! My dad's decided he will take the plunge and get a dog! This is truly wonderful news as since he and my mother broke up he has had very little interest in anything. Finally the family has convinced him that he needs something in the house with him as company, and cats were mentioned but he has decided its a dog he really wants. I'm not surprised as when I was a kid he and I were the very vocal pro dog lobby of the family- always over-ruled by the pro-neat-and-tidy-house-lobby- my mom. I just can't believe it. I still live with him so I see a huge role for me in settling doggy in and assisting with training- I have already identified our local training club. And I would love to give agility a whirl- great exercise for me and dog! I have been dying for this to happen, and I know it will be so great for my dad. He loves animals and has basically taken over the care of my pet bunnies. I think it will make such a difference to him to have something to care about and to get him out of the house again, he has been so depressed. He makes such a fuss of everyones dogs, and now he'll have his own. So pleased... Only thing is his heart is set on a German shepherd bitch- could be my fault, I have raved about them since I was little, and he meant to get one from a shelter, but all the ones I have seen at shelters have been very destructive and aggressive to other dogs- feeling discouraged about it, this isn't the norm is it? P.S. It'll happen when we move house, the old family home is up for sale, all beautifully decorated, and we are moving into a smaller, more untidy house that a dog could mess up a little if there are teething troubles!!
  7. Louis

    Pitbulls getting a rough ride....

    Just checked up, very nice work Gooey....! You seem to have been pretty well received! :)
  8. Louis

    Pitbulls getting a rough ride....

    Well they were movng on to staffies so I guess I can respond on that note. My auntie has 2 and they are fantastic dogs. I often don't feel as if I am in the best position to defend pit bull terrriers as I have never even seen one so if someone demands my own experience with them I can only say erm, none... I hope the input from the intelligent lovers of the breed I knew I could find here has helped. Any dog left to run wild is a risk, and thankfully some of the respondents on the forum have said this themselves.
  9. I thought that those supporters of the breed may be interested in following the twists and turns of the thread on this equine chat site... [url]http://chronicleforums.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=6656094911&f=9486010321&m=6916087331[/url] The horse that was attacked by a pit bull (possible mistaken ID?) is in an appalling state and though some have been reasonable in their responses others have openly condemmned the breed. Maybe a place for a diplomatic, friendly defender to respond?
  10. Louis

    SICK!POOR PUPPY! Extremely Graphic!

    I felt ill, but I checked out the rest of the site nonetheless. It is unbelievable, but I think it sends an important message. Far too many sites/tv programmes etc. concentrate on success stories, and whilst they are wonderful to read, I don't think they make the impact that these stories and pictures do- as he says, this is what happens in the real world. The story about the two pits was so awful I could barely look back at the photograph after I had read it. These poor animals :cry:
  11. Louis

    Where is everyone?

    Still here just not as often- I'm sorry all! Thing is that my expenses have gone up suddenly!! I am having extra driving lessons to try and get in for my test, and I have found a horse to share (VERY EXCITING!!) and I am riding so much more-so I am in less often which is problem 1 and I have to work more to cover all this that is problem 2..!! Sorry all, but love this site still!! I check in regular just don't have time to say much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
  12. Louis


    I'm so glad she's home with you K. What had happened to her, I am not sure how much we have heard about her history because you were so strung up about her when you first heard of her!?
  13. Louis

    Dog attacks on horses and livestock

    You know that bugged me a bit too.. it seemed insensible to 'try' to put an animal out of its misery like that.. I personally would only have a vet euthanise any of my animals- it cost me 12 quid for a little mouse not long ago, but I would pay it all over again!
  14. Louis

    Dog attacks on horses and livestock

    Hi, I can't tell you how sad this makes me feel and how bad I feel for the owners of these animals. I thought you might be interested to see what is being discussed regarding dogs on other types of forum. I really want my puppy to be comfortable, safe and obedient around horses and the yard sheep, and any tips on integrating the two species would be appreciated.
  15. Louis

    Dog attacks on horses and livestock

    [size=6][i]This is from the equine forum where the above were topics of discussion;[/i][/size] [size=6][b]Heather's post[/b][/size] [i][b]quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another person with NO pateince for irresponsible dog owners.[/b][/i]Ten years ago I was co-manager/instructor of a children's riding school with a strong of about 17 school ponies. Some of these ponies had been with me for many years, some were privately owned, and many of them had been made up from youth or turned around by myself and my kids/students. At approximately 2:00AM I got a call from my co-manager saying she had just gottena hysterical phone call from the barn owner, the ponies had gotten out and there was some sort of horrible accident. She lived an hour away, could I go out and see what was going on, and she would get their when she could. I saw the sirens from a good two miles away, and the pit in my stomach grew and grew. When I crested the hill I saw something tha haunts me to this day--bodies. The bodies of my ponies, laid out across the road, some mauled by the cars that had hit them to point they hardly looked like ponies anymore. There were five ponies in the road, three were dead already, the other two injured. my other 12 were no where to be found. since our vet was looking to the injured ponies, and I couldn't help the dead ones, I put all my attention to finding the rest of them, and keep them from meeting the same fate as the others. It took me an hour, and while I searched, the same question pounded in my head, how and why would they have broken out of their field, which was fenced with 6'0 high non-climb fencing. When I finally found them, I had my answer, my poor, panicked herd was covered with bites. Dog bites. One had a ruptured hind tendon froma dog's attempt to hamstring him. Others had bites of various severity. When I reported thsi to the police, I was told they had been getting reports for some weeks about a pack of dogs roaming the area, and that a neighbor a few doors down had lost several sheep the week before. In their terror to flee their attackers, my ponies had torn their heavy metal gate from it's hinges. Needless to say the focus of the accident invesitgation. when they foudn them, what did they find? A pack of feral pit bulls and German Shepherds? Not even close--a pack of p0erfectly tame, "wouldn't hurt a fly" housepets, all with collars, and homes, and people who loved them. There were two labs, a golden retriever, a medium shaggy mutt, and a cocker spaniel. Many of the owners tried to defend what had happened by claiming that (a) the dog had never left the yard before; (b) not letting them wander was cruel; (c) we should have fencing that their dogs can't get through to chase our horses; and (d)it's not their fault. Thankfully, they got the book thrown at them, but it didn't bring back my ponies. People that don't have trained and well-behaved dogs make me crazy. Or, at least don't control them. I have a lab that has issues due to the terrible situation I rescued him from. He isn't perfectly behaved, BUT I make sure he is always controlled, in his fenced yard, or on a leash at ALL TIMES. I have so many neighbors here that let their dogs do whatever--Rusty the golden retriever, Hershey the Chocolate Lab, Ranger the Aussie Shepherd, and a pair of Bassets whose names I don't know are regular visitors here, which of course gets my three dogs riled up, and they bark, and then I get sked why my dogs bark--because YOUR dog is strolling throught THEIR yard--morons. If I've taken the term to teach them a quiet command, the least you can do it keep your dog on your own [email protected] property!