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  1. I feed Kirkland Lamb and Rice - it's a corn-free formula and my dogs do great on it. Beautiful soft, shiny coats . . . less waste in the yard, which means not as much bulk in the food. Best part is the cost: About $20 a 40lb bag. I've been real happy with it and have used it for years. Only bad thing about it is it can only be bought at Costco, which makes it a tad bit inconvenient at times - especially during busy schedule times . ..LOL
  2. Hey, congratulations!! Sounds like a really fun event!! :D
  3. :roll: Good grief!! :roll: Well you know that phrase about "little-big man syndrome" where some little guys have to act tough because they feel the need to make up for their lack of height?! Welllllll . . . .LOL Perhaps this idiot had his "intact" male - big, burly guy - with a stud collar to make up the lack of *ahem* . ."something else" the man was lacking? LMBO Seriously, people like that shouldn't even own a dog . . ugh
  4. Barking dog . . .have I got the King of Barking dogs . . . LMBO Star Voyager barks over EVERYTHING! I think he uses it as his form of communication; athough, it's rather irritating to have him stand in front of us and do his little hop-bark-growl at 2am when I've just told him to "Sssshhhhhh, quiet". Wow, I sympathize with you coastie-wife! My neighbors haven't turned me in yet, and I'm not exactly sure why! I guess I must just have some of the best neighbors who figure dogs bark - that's what they do! If you figure out something that works, please, I'd love for you to share with me! LOL . . .I'd like to try a few things out on my "bark-face Star" . . .LOL
  5. [quote name='Dog Lover']Miss Bailey is BEAUTIFUL! :angel:[/quote] *VBG* Thanks!!
  6. [quote name='K']I am ever so pleased to meet you Miss Bailey..and I know many others here will be to...what a pretty girl![/quote] Thanks K! And nice to meet you too!
  7. [quote name='Canis erectus']Very interesting, I've been hearing more and more about Pit Bulls & Pit Mixes being used as service dogs (Although Bailey looks like an AmStaff to me, yes?), and hearing debates about many of them having a higher trainability than Labs. At any rate, Bailey is a beautiful girl and she looks quite smart there with her pack.[/quote] She's registered UKC APBT; however, the sire's side is all AKC AmStaff, with her dam having a large amount of AmStaff too. *grin* They are quite smart dogs and learn quick, that is when they aren't being stubborn. . . LOL I always laugh and tease that they don't call them "bullies" for no reason . . that they were nicknamed that for their bull headedness . . LMBO
  8. Meet my Service Dog, Miss Bailey! Even though it's not required by law or ADA, she has her certification. Positive I can't do anything on my own, she seems to bee "babysitting" me like a guardian . . . LOL It never ceases to amaze me at how intuitive and smart this little girl (ok, she's not so little ..LOL) is! Because of her "service" I'm finally able to have about the same freedoms I once had . . . Miss Bailey is truly a gift from God. . . . [img]http://www.petpits.com/sd-7.jpg[/img]
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