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  1. english bulldog right??? he/she is so cute!!!! i wanted one but hard to find. they are so cute!!!!!! :D got a name???? thanks for sharing pics made me smile and say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
  2. i thought border collies were only black and white??? :o I dont know ??? :oops: :-? well i dont know much about that breed. i would have thought they were austrailan shepards. learned something new today :D :lol: :fadein: lol :D they are really cute and look fluffy.
  3. Well i dont think she gets thoes test done i dont know but she has a small run and she had to get a job besides being a groomer. I know my husbands sister watched her dogs when she went on vacation and one little dog had its foot caught in the bottom of a wire cage. i had to go over and get it out. It was like she was walking on the wire and the poop just falls through like a rabbit i didnt like that. i thought that would hurt my feet. thats how the cages were stacked. her house smells like wet dog smell. and I saw one little dog lift up its leg on the wall and pee. Nobody else noticed that he
  4. There is a pet shop in the area that sells puppies. I hate that but thats not the worst part. They are in small cages and there is no price on the cage. You have to hold the dog befor they tell you so we held one and the price for a boxer puppy was 1,695 kinda high for petshop. well i went home and called them pretended that i had boxer puppies to sell ( i didnt and if i did never to petshop) well they said that they will give a akc puppy 100.00-150.00 for a puppy. That is crazy!!! they even showed me when i was there the pedigree of the dog and it wasnt akc pedigree it was like a family tree
  5. I think my husbands relative is a puppy mill or byb. she has alot of dogs like 20-25, they are small havanees (sp?) and she has some shizues and some egyption dog little one. like a farow hound. she cuts hair also and she breeds these dogs. she acts like she knows what is always going on with them. i think it is more for attention. She charges 1,500 a pup for the havanees. She does show them and wins titles on them. but why so many. they are always in the kennel or in the crates. I just think she possibly cant know any of there personalities how would she have time??? I know she gives the sho
  6. [quote name='ESSlover']i second that! isnt there some Eukanuba (i think thats how u spell it) Large breed food? We feed all of our pets (2 cats, previously 1 dog) eukanuba and they love it![/quote] Eukanuba is owned by iams i do belive so if you are boycoting IAMS then why buy this kind???? well thought you should know. I HATE IAMS the things they did and most likely continue to do to animals is a crime. Check out peta websight!!!! IAMS IS evil the devil dog food :evilbat: We have fed diamond and seen good results less stools firm and they eat less than the Pedigree we have tried. the
  7. Well she is doing really well. Had to hide the cat food because her nose was on it. She has been going outside so far havent found any suprises yet. She wants to play with the kitten but the kitten isnt too sure yet. She is a shadow always right behind ya. She sure is a cutie pie.
  8. Here is the web sight i have the pics on check out how cute she is!!!! [url]http://www.worldisround.com/articles/61874/index.html[/url]
  9. bailey is home now yeah!!!! sthe kids really like her. she is a shadow. I thought she would be a little bit more tired sence she just got fixed yesterday but no she is full of it. The kitten dont know what to think of her yet. I see them playing together pretty soon though. she is getting used to her collar and leash now. well ill post pics as soon as i can figure it out. if anybody can help me let me know thanks.
  10. thanks i will do that. i didnt buy her a collar yet i want to take her with me to the pet shop so i can get a good fit. we have some leads that just slip over the neck and i will use that till i can take her there. i could just measure her neck also. how much should i add to the measurements? i dont like those plastic clasp ones they break, but she will never be tied up just on a leash and i dont trust them. also she has some fleas not alot i saw one on her so should i get some advantage at the vet? and do they make it for that small? do you use that on your dogs and puppies? well let me kno
  11. where are these people coming from?? i am confused :o first a guy calling his wife a dog??? and now a women trying to find love on here??? well i guess they see that it a post and they post whatever they want. I hope we dont get people trying to sell stuff next. :evilbat: oh well to each there own i guess they cant read.
  12. NO we didnt get her. she was already adopted when i went to pound in the morning. so she was saved so that is great!! Bailey the puppy is getting fixed monday morning and we bring her home on tuesday. so i cant wait!!! I keep telling the kids to make sure all there stuff is picked up so that they will not be mad when the puppy chews on it. lol so they are picking up there toys better. yes!!! she hates the leash. She will tug at it and get all winny about it. i think all puppies are this way. well i hope i can lean how to post those pics soon.
  13. great news the beagle was adopted!!!!! i went to pound in the morning and some lady was already looking at her. she adopted her!!! :D I know that i probubly whould have got her but at least she was saved!! so it was a good day today. PEPSI found a home!!! yeah!!! well after the one post about the two females fighting maybe it was better i didnt get her. i am just glad she was saved. we will just get our puppy and love her to pieces!! she is getting fixed on monday and we will bring her home on tuesday!! I cant wait!!! she already giving kisses!!!
  14. the pound said she was good with them and kids. they also said she was keeping cage clean and was housebroken. ill see tommarow if they will let me see what she does when the puppy is out with her. well if it dont work with me i was telling my dad about her and he is intrested. so i think he may get her if i dont. that may be a better idea and my puppy can play with her then. well thanks just trying to save a life, also i will see how she acts around my kids.
  15. here is how you can see a pic of her and read what she is about. [url]http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?action=2&pet=3159499&adTarget=468petsgeneral&SessionID=410069f342da65e9-app5&display=&preview=1&row=0&tmpl=&stat=[/url] her name is pepsi please she is gonna die if i dont help her????
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