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  1. I didn't know exactly where to put this post so I hope this is the right place... :roll: I'm looking for a magazine about handling/handlers/training and prepairing for dog shows/grooming... I'd like to know if it's possible to get magazine from USA to Slovenia? And what are the prizes of magazines like that?
  2. Kat, thanks! DogPaddle: Any information is welcome! :D (after all I sometimes groom other breeds too)
  3. How you usually groom your goldens for the dog shows? Anybody wash golden about a week before show and one day before again? What tips and tricks are you using to make golden coat look shine and soft?
  4. Eszter:Thanks;)You're welcome! If i'm not mistaken they have senior handling in Belgia,but i'm really not shure-correct me if i'm wrong!
  5. Good luck! Yeap,i'd like to see some pics too :wink:
  6. Eszter,hello! :wink: (we met on dog show in Ljubljana-i was that barbie-girl on sunday:p) Hope you enjoy beeing on 'our' show and congratulations for shuch a great results!;) zheelah:haven't you got senior handling in your country? Here is not very well known but some of olders competitors are competing-the rules are just the same as for junior handling.
  7. Golden


    Thank's roo! I'm thinkinkg more and more about showed Aaron there,when he'll be old enough.
  8. Some pics... [img]http://www.mojpes.net/galerija/albums/caclj2004/DSC02289.jpg[/img] Breeder group [img]http://www.mojpes.net/galerija/albums/caclj2004/DSC02281.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.mojpes.net/galerija/albums/caclj2004/DSC02101.jpg[/img] More pics are comming in few days...
  9. So yesterday,Aaron was on his first dog show. He was very promissing puppy and i'm very proud of him becouse he was exellent,he was doing better than a lot of dogs and he has only three months :D Later in BIS,his sister got BIS puppy,and aaron,his mother and two sisters was second in competition for best breeder group! I also showed one beautiful golden retriever (Karvin Zeppelin) and he was first in his class (CAC) and Aarons breeder got cac,bob and best of group 1 with his other dog (Karvin Avalanche). Liza did dogdance preety good,it was for the first time and i was very nervous be
  10. Golden


    Congrats to you and your dog! :wink:
  11. With my girl,i'm doing agility,dogdance (freestyle),rally obedience and junior handling,with my boy not so much,couse he is only three months old,but we 're doing obedience and trying to do agility :D
  12. Golden


    Thank's Kat :wink: Do you know for any web sites where i can read about what i must have if i want to qualified for the breed ring?
  13. Golden


    What do you have to have if you want to go to Crufts with your dog?
  14. There is a lot of GSD What about belgian sheeperd?
  15. .I have learned something when i wathced about dog shows in America on Animal Planet.Very interesting!I really want to see this on my own once!
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