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  1. I have been real busy with school and all so I haven't been on here too much. I haven't posted a pic of Dozer in a long time, so I thought I would show how much he has grown. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XQDlAj4bStcKzk9LrhBayGiczp9gCkn6nHSNLJQsRRmLwGYqIRsC1i4wyJTZ!HXnDetKvzYhdQoAvn8sO1GbzcdKjQOLExBkvzvJo6btq9PhCMATfQpRm8Gphrn5Q2l9TU9wzKpcUJE/2004_0921Image0007.JPG?dc=4675490092206993016[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XQAXAzwbttYKzk9LrhBayGiczp9gCkn678k!Hnssg59NtgS81T56O4iWJfQyyG*xIEhZXKdBqF6tcQXB9UFCU4ZTJrRL!2FwPjdT8SiEK!FhqF!IPIzlYdaAuk7mFRAaqfCb0jMnF9s/2004_0921Image0005.JPG?dc=4675490092181116633[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XQDxAjsbbNYKzk9LrhBayGiczp9gCkn6XgkXfpPmBYE5xqbCS*NjEDsgEcSTZQ0SO7Eh9tBbku7fVlY7uQDMHxacLHb0OeGtG5!t5em2Za3e*RUX6hUGVT3XifA*PNi4jQU152NajX8/2004_0921Image0004.JPG?dc=4675490092156535103[/img] thats his fav. toy, the only thing he hasn't burst or chewed to death. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0XQATAzobItYKzk9LrhBayGiczp9gCkn69npUBXogw!cPQUZKFBKDRVCJIcp8Bp0vLPkRtdXp2tfkPXQerpLj8*ulVxBFNLG2Wdtd*pUFJdP4Kyupzh!RW5FXlAPsuU1036x0VdoaqAQ/2004_0921Image0003.JPG?dc=4675490092129917441[/img] I hope you like his progess.
  2. Does anyone on here hunt wild pigs or know anyone who does? I went with a friend of mine yesterday to train his 2 new catch dogs. Being out there watching it has gotten me real interested in the "sport" or pig hunting with dogs. I just wanted to know any of you think about the sport. Eric
  3. Yes that is him in the pic. I know and have accepted that he may just one day feel the urge to fight. I know that in the bred that you dog can be perfectly fine with other dogs one week, but something can trigger them and make them want to fight. But as for my dog and the other dog fighting, it has stopped. I think I know what caused it too. This may sound strange but this is the only plausable(sp) cause i found. A day or two after Dozer was acting like he didn't want Brownie anywhere near him, Brownie got real sick almost like was about to die. I ended up rushing him to the vet. Im thinkin that Dozer knew something was wrong with him beforehand. Oh well thats just my assumption. Eric
  4. He is an APBT, he is 15 weeks old. The 10 to 15 min walk isn't all the excercise he gets, after the walk I usually let him run around playin with my other dogs until he shows sign that he is tired and ready to go back in. And yes I would start with short jogs and build up as I watch him and see how he reacts to it. Thanks for what you have shared already. Eric
  5. I was reading some information on other sites and it made me curious. I generally take my dog for a 10-15 min walk every day. During the walk he is always wanting to run instead of walk. After our walks he isn't tired at all, mainly he is still just as hyper. I'm not sayin that try to tire him completely out on the walks. Since he acts like the walks don't effect him that much is it ok if I take him out running with me instead of his walks or should I just lengthen the walk. On the other site it said that running can cause structural problems like in the hips because the joints aren't closed. Well I thought that running would strengthen the joints and muscles instead of hurt them. Well in short I just want to know if its fine to take him running. Just want someone elses opinion. Eric
  6. Well I guess he could cause a problem if he had the chance. The only female dog that he comes in contact with is mine and she is spayed. I may consider getting him neutered. I just never had any of my males dogs fixed before and Im stubborn about changing my ways. After reading all the knowledge y'all have shared with me I may get it done. I know that if the health benefits are anything near that of what you get when you spay a female it is definitely a GREAT thing. Because looking at my dog Missy you would never know that she is over 10. Eric
  7. :o I really didn't know that you could buy fake balls. How does that help?
  8. I all honesty it was kinda a personal choice of not having him fixed. I got a male becaues obviously you don't have to worry about him getting pregnant. I know it may sound like a stupid excuse but that is really only one i have for not having him fixed. I don't plan on breeding him though. As for the other dog I don't know exactly why he isn't. Im not his guardian. I really didn't know that at that age the scent of a female in heat would set them off. You taught me something new there. I guess it could be pack placement, I expected it to happened at some point,but I didn't expect it this soon or all of a sudden like that. Thanks for the info though
  9. they are both males, they aren't fixed. Dozer is 16 weeks old. I don't know exactly how old Brownie is but he isn't much older than Dozer. There were no changes in the house hold or anything and nothing could have happened between them because they aren't together at night time.
  10. Ok this is a wierd situation to me so I brought the question here to see if anyone can give me some advice. Well today when I did my usual thing and took my puppy Dozer out to play and stuff. He started acting strange. My neice's dog Brownie who is always here, was already outside. Him and Dozer are usually like best friends when out together you don't see one without the other. They are usually playing and so forth. Well today it was different. Dozer was acting all agressive towards Brownie. I thought he was just playin at first but he was continually tryin to bite Brownie. Well I put Dozer back on leash to keep him from the other dog. The entire time he wouldn't take his eye off of him and he would jerk tryin to get at him. Sorry for the long story but I wanted to explain before I asked my question. What could have caused him to act that way today? It was an over night change, literally. Do you think it was just a day phase? What should can I do? I know if I don't see any change I will keep them apart for now on.
  11. :lol: Yes I guess i should have thrown that in there too. Eric
  12. As the sayin goes opinions are like a-holes everyone has one and usually all of them are different. Don't take offense to that. Just stating my "opinion". I don't see anything wrong with ear cropping as long as it is done in a safe way unlike some ways i have heard about. Which i think are very very wrong. Im sure I probably don't agree with everything that you think about your dogs, but in my opinion I think that there are better things I can stand up for. So Im leaving this one alone before it turns in to worse :agrue: Eric
  13. Oh yeah, and I am tryin to get some pics on here. Hopefully it will happen soon.
  14. I hope all the people who are against having dog's ears cropped are against women and even some men having their ears pierced. If you ask me most people do both for the same reason, which is cosmetic. I have heard better reasoning for a dog to have their ears cropped than for a person to have theirs pierced. Eric
  15. Well I know this is a lil lately said, but i have been on in a few days. I have a reason for wanting to crop my dog's ears. It is because the last bull dog i had would get this build up of stuff in his ears that i would have to clean out every other day. My vet told me that would not have happened if I would have had his ears cropped. So I was tryin to prevent a possible problem, but if you must know. Im not going to get his ears done because I have gotten so used to seeing him the way he is. On another note if I wanted to cause my dog unneed pain I would i have took my friend offer to let him do it, but i have a lot better sense than that. After he told me he would do it with some scissors i told him to stay the hell away from my dog. I wouldn't even want to imagine how many people probably do a back yard job like that though. Eric
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