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  1. for the food: Eukanuble makes a good diet, but you can only get to through your vet. its called Response. The vet I work for has a lot of patents on it, and most of them say that the food helps a lot, and if they take the dog off the food, the skin problems start up in like 3 days. It won't stop it, but it will prevent the skin issues for as long as the dog is on the food. The food is somewhat expensive though, its around $40 for a 30 pound bag (approx. i don't remember prices)
  2. it is possible a bacteria infection, and the licking is just making the bacteria worse. The cheapest things would be get some bitter apple and spray it on the paw. This should stop her from licking, and help clean up the bacteria infection. If it gets red or the hair starts falling out you may need to take her to the vet for a depo-shot and/or some antibiotics.
  3. that type of dandruff is usually caused by the heat. During the winter when the windows are closed the heat is on. This means that the air is dry. Fish oil is good for this, as well as a humidifire (sp?).
  4. Or try some of those dipers for dogs when there in heat. That might help, just help with clean-up...
  5. [quote name='Laurryn']For example Fort Dodge manufactured Proheart in tablet form, was approved in 1997 if I remember correctly, it was recalled in 1999. It is no longer available in the US but you can order it on line from overseas.[/quote] I do not trust anything that Fort Dodge makes. There vaccines are bad, and have been known to cause bad, deadly reactions
  6. Vomiting after eating is common enough in dogs and cats. its not the flu, the virus we concider the flu, but it is that type of thing. its a bug. if your cat isn't eating, or not keeping any food down it is VERY dangerious. Cats CAN'T NOT EAT. if i cat dosen't eat for even one or two days, it can die. the kidneys are in such a way that it is deadly for them. in that regard, i would sugest taking your cat to the vet, make sure everything is good. he/she will proubly perscribe some meds, one or two just to help, but if it is something bad, it is good to catch it now good luck Zac
  7. the price can also change by the type of medicen. There are three good types, heartguard, sentinal, and interceptor. Heartguard prevents just aginst heartworm, sentinal and interceptor prevent aginst interstional parisites and flees, respectivly. heartguard is the cheepest, so if money is an issue get this. I know the vet I work for usually tries to sell the most expensive one because it works the best, however if money is a problem, try to just buy heartguard. If they won't sell it to you, go to petmeds.com or some site like that for it... however, before that you must get a heartworm
  8. is there dirirah? Regardless, i would suggest taking her to the vet, it could just be a stomach bug, some tagamed and flagil sould help that. Go to the vet for that...
  9. for the HD, i would suggest getting an x-ray if you are worried. a vet will be able to tell you for certin if the dog has HD, even if the symptoms wouldn't be seen for the next 5 years. good luck, sounds VERY cute!!!!!
  10. i would sugest x-rays first, and if that dosen't show anything, an ultrasound. I am not at all cretified to give a sugestion, but it sounds like it could be some kind of blockage, or some forign matter in the stomach/intestines. Good luck, we will be praying for him
  11. Im not entirly sure I understand the problem. Are the puppies alergic to mothers milk, or is the mother alergic to her food. If the puppies are alergic to the mothers milk, then you could try puppy formula. It sould be avalibal at a pet store or vet hospital (we have some at the hospital I work for just incase) If the mother is alergic to her food, then you can think about changing the food to low alergin, or ultra low alergen (Hills perscription diet h/d). Or if it is a skin alergen Eukanubla Response. Talk to you vet if there is a problem, Puppies are very delicate.
  12. Good Luck!!!! let us know how it goes!!!!!
  13. In addition, for the distant future, and if you can't afford surgery (i don't know how much the surgery is...)there is a fairly good pain medication called Rymadyl (sp? it may be Rimadyl...) Regardless, it is a very good medication for painful joints and at the pratice i work at the vet uses it a lot for old dogs with HD when the owner can't afford or elects not to do the surgery for some reason. the only possible problem with it is that it can "theoriticly" lead to the liver dyeing... though im not accutly sure about the percentage of that. (if anyone can find out how many cases of kidn
  14. I agree with everyone so far. It sounds like the food was changed to quickly, which is a very common problem. If it is still bad, then take her to the vet to rule out any forign body, or anything else like that. I know how hard it is to keep things out of puppies mouthes!!! :lol: It could also be just a simple case of a cold, stumach upset. I know that most of the kids at my school are getting that... Good Luck!!!
  15. [quote name='JT'] It is obvious the vets are not going to tell us anything that would interupt their revenue stream. JT[/quote] I would just like to disagree with that. I work for a vet clinic, and we do not give the injection, or any other injection from Fort Dodge (who is the maker of the Proheart Injection) We also try to keep bills as low as possible, and we don't do unnescasser things. While i do know of some vet hospitals who do this, i would just like to emphsize the point that not all do.
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