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  1. it's hard to say exactly what caused them to react that way, maybe one of the dogs smelled something they didn't like, maybe they just don't like each other...that happens. I agree with you on the other stuff you said, sometimes when I take dante (my 80lb APBT) to pet smart people act the same way and it's rediculous. majority of the time he will plop himself down in the isle and lay on the floor cause it's nice and cool, while I look at stuff and people will turn around and not come down the isle because of the viscious pitbull. and it's usually the people with the small little dogs. Oh well, i just laugh and ignore them. Ignorance sure does run rampant.
  2. the invisible fences or undergroud electric fences are all garbage. they may work on small dogs, but most of the time if a dog gets a running start they can go right through the invisble line with it abrely fazing them. I have a freind whos got a lab that will walk to the invisible line and start getting shocked and just lay there getting schocked and twinging until the battery in the collar dies,...kind of a freak dog, but most dogs will learn that they can walk through the fence and only suffer a little bit of a shock.
  3. yeah, I don't know what it is about dogs rolling in dead animals. One day dante was rolling around ni the back yard and I was watching him and he kept rolling in the same place, I thought it was odd and went to check it out and it was a dead decaying bird and for some ungodly reason he insisted on rolling on it ....very nasty! :niewiem:
  4. She is located in Florida, she is going to try to sue the place she purchased the pup, I can't remember what the name of the store was though. She said she noticing more and more that the dog is having problems running and one leg is worse than the other so he really has to compensate.
  5. THis is for a friend of mine. She has a 1 year old Male Jack Russell Terrier that she purchased at a pet store.....yeah...I know...bad idea to start with. Trust me I warned her and warned her several times before she went there not to even walk into a pet store because of the risks of birth defects and that it promotes puppy mills. Anyways her JRT has a birth Defect, which i noticed in a pic she showed me and she is really noticing it now. basically both of the puppies front paws are turned out, i saw it right off when I saw the pic. She used to think it was cute because he looked like a frog when he sat there. I told her that his feet look bad and she needs to take him to a the vet to get checked. She did and they recommened seeing a specialist and she was told it would be about $4,000 per leg to straighten them out. Unfotunately there is no way she can afford it and she is thinking of putting the dog to sleep. The dog is already starting to have problems running and can't jump up on anything over 12 inches high. i told her to contact the rescues and see if there is anything they can do to help or start a fundraiser for the pup for the bills or if that's not possible to give the dog to a rescue rather than put it down. Anyways, i was looking for more advise and wanted to know what kind of ideas everyone else has. thanks in advance!!
  6. Hey drjeffrock you can see pics of my dog at [url]http://community.webshots.com/user/vstardragon[/url] these were when he was about 7 months old so i need to update the pics.
  7. I haven't posted for a loooong time but just wanted to say somethinge about something that happened the other day.........Stupid people suck!! I took Dante (my 1 year old pit) to the dog park and he was playing around and having a good time with the other dogs.....not with people....he still won't let people touch him....the only way a stranger can pet him is if Dante approaches that person, but if the person tries approaching Dante he will bark at them. Anyways, the dogs were playing when I noticed a pack of dogs were running around all over the place and in the lead was a miniature italian grey hound. He was fast as hell but after a minute or two a VERY arge Rottweiler caught him and all you heard was some horrific yelping. I'm not sure what happened to the greyhound health wise. The owner of the rott was nearby and got his dog and the owner of the grey hound picked his up and carried it to his car with it yelping and crying the whole time and left. I didn't get a good look at the grey hound so i don't know if it broke anything or not. Anyways......At this dog park there is a seperate pen for small dogs so they can play together and the big dogs can play together. I feel bad for the grey hound but he shouldn't have been in the area for the big dogs in the first place. When big dogs play, they play rough and that's just not a place for small dogs to be. And if anyone hasn't noticed...these little dogs are also about the same size as the dog toys that the bigger dogs play with. Oh well, just felt like venting. I can't really place much blame on the rott owner because the dog didn't appear viscious, he didn't show any aggression toward any people or other dogs and didn't let go of the little grey hound when he was told, but he was playing and probably doesn't realize that he can't play with a little dog that rough. Anyways, hopefully that litlle Grey hound is ok, bc he sounded pretty bad when he was taken out of the park.
  8. That's funny......my pits named after a football player....also Dante....but Dante Cullpepper. I changed the last name to Chilipepper....kinda of a joke. I went to college with Dante Cullpepper at UCF, he was a real nice guy and I've also liked the name Dante....anyways....that's how I got my pits name. :D
  9. Thanks Pouty Pit for posting the article..i was just going off memory from what i heard off the TV while making breakfast, anyways...it is a shame that pits get all the media attention while people are bit all the time by other breeds, also a shame that happened to the little girl...maybe the police should investigate the parents and the neighbors and share with the public why the little girl was unsupervised with a dog in the first place.
  10. This really ticks me off!!! Over the weekend a 2 year old girl was "attacked" by a pitbull. Appearantly the child was playing with the dogs food while he was eating and the pitbull bit her in the face. And now they are most likely gonig to put the pitty to sleep.....what kind of crap is that!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable....1) the dog was territorial and the baby shouldn't have been near him while he was eating. 2) where the heck where the parents at and why weren't they watching their child!!!!! Ummmm....hello....do parents not have to accept any responsibility for anything any more....i am a parent of 2 children and own a pit and am ALWAYS keeping track of them when they are loose in my house. I would never let my kids be unsupervised with my dog.....or ANY dog. I say put the pit up for adoption since these people obviously don't deserve to own a dog, put the child in foster care and put the parents in jail for child neglect! Why is it that you have to be licensed to cut peoples hair, but you don't need a license to have kids!...really there should be some sort of application or license needed for certain people to be able to reproduce!
  11. That's horrible, glad to hear the damage was minimal...sorry to hear that there was any in the first place. Do you know who the owner of the Sheperd Mix is and are you gonna press charges or anything?
  12. Ahhh,......I see....I knew most of the abbrev's but I wasn't sure about GSD...I think the D was throwing me off.....thanks for all the help guys...there were several other abbrev's that you guys shared that I didn't know also! I've never heard of a Samoyed Dog....Any one have a pic of that? Thanks again! :D
  13. Forgive my Ignorance, but I've seen several people refer to a GSD type of dog. What is a GSD? Thanks in advance!
  14. I feed dante Purina PUppy Chow-large dog formula. I switched to a different type within the same brand but it has smaller pieces (still for large dogs) and he gobbles that down like theres no tomorrow. I've been feeding him it since I've had him and he is 7 months and weighs 60lbs and is not fat at all so I don't plan on changing his diet. As far as treats i just give him Milk bones, he seems to like just about any treat I give him so I buy a variety of treats.
  15. That is quite unusual...I've never seen a dog like that....pretty neat....they are kinda funny looking...but in a cute way! :)
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