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  1. My 8-month old Shih Tzu puppy, Panda, has just gotten over HGE, a scourge I'd never heard of until she developed it. She woke up last Thusday at 3 in the morning, vomitting every half hour. I took her to the ER Vet who made a mistake of doing an enema, after which I took her home. Within an hour she was pooping blood and feces and I immediately took her to my own vet as her clinic was now open. She put her on IV fluids for the day, along with antibiotics and withheld food for 24 hours to rest the intestine which with HGE, sloughs off the lining resulting in blood loss and dehydration. Very very frightening! However, afterwards, with a chicken and rice diet, which she tolerated well for two days, when I slowly resinstituted her own Nutro food, she began to vomit. Now she's on this crappy Iams food that she's tolerating very well. It's so frustrating, but I don't dare try to switch her. Anyone have a bout with HGE? I hope not, but would like to hear from other small dog sufferers.
  2. My puppy is just getting over HGE, a very terrible syndrome about which the cause is unknown. She is fine now, but the Innova I was feeding her could no longer be tolerated by her, nor could her original Nutro Ultra............worst of all is that her system is doing very well on Iams low residue diet, which is basically crap. However, her 6 pounds, 1/2 pound of which she lost when sick, cannot afford more weight loss. The vet intimated that her sensitive digestive system (I've tried switching to better food X2 now with bad results) may only tolerate this junky food (my words, not the vet.
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