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  1. Alex18

    Grass ok?

    hi mate i dont see any prob. dog likes it that i guess.
  2. Alex18

    Wellness supplements???

    hey how r u? There are two types of people in the world... those who have nice homes, and those who have dogs! some people care their home although they cant. whereas some people cares dogs and these dog care their home again the robberies.
  3. hey! i cant say abt this prob. but u can take advice from any vet or doctors. this is right.
  4. hey u hv not mentioned abt the types of birds. how we give advice to save birds. any way, if possible , u give more space where birds can live without fear of the dogs and other matter. this place should be prevented by tall walls. in definite time, u should give the food. after long time they feel comfortable area.