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  1. Hi, I'm new to the board but certainly not new to skin problems. My female, Daisy, has mange and is being treated with Echinacea to boost the immune system, we rotate the Echinacea with Pau D'Arco and Astralagus every 3 weeks, so far, so good. From what I learned, steroids are the last thing you want to give to your dog as they further suppress the immune system; granted, they provide temporary relief but the dog is usually worse of after the steroids are discontinued. We don't use chemical tick/flea repellants on our two, after all, the tube advises to wear gloves and to avoid contact with skin (human). This part I found almost amusing - it is obviously dangerous for me to come in contact with it but it's fine to smear it onto the dogs!?! We give each dog one glove of freshly pressed garlic per day - garlic can, however, lead to slight anemia in which case you will need to opt up the organ intake. An elimination diet is always helpful, ours are allergic to grains and so we have put them on raw food which has helped a great deal. As for ticks, you could try rose geranium oil - 3-5 drops onto the collar each week - we're in New England and haven't had a tick in a year. Good luck.
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