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  1. So, Joey and I went to the vet yesterday.....he went into his usual "on guard" mode when we got there and growled at the vet when he came in, so the vet said "ok, what are we going to do this time"? I told him that I was somewhat worried about him being sedated each time we came in and mentioned that I was going to try muzzling him before we came in but didn't have time to go get one before the appointment. He said that just muzzling Joey would not be enough b/c they would still have to "manhandle" him and couldn't inspect his mouth and teeth. So, we ended up sedating him again, and the vet was so shocked at how nice Joey became once he was sedated (wagging his tail, licking them, etc.) and I was like that's how he always is, i've told you this!!! :-? Then he suggested that I put him on an anti-anxiety medicine. He said that since Joey has growled and snapped at me in certain situations (like taking a bone away from him) he could attack and kill a small child at any moment. :o So.....I am taking him to see a behaviorist (the vet recommended one) Hopefully this will solve his situational aggression. Also, he got vaccinations yesterday....is it normal for him to have a swollen sore spot on his back/side? Is that where they put the shots in? He is growling and snapping at anyone who accidently touches it. I am pretty worried about it, but I'm guessing it's from the shots. Anyway, sorry this has been so lengthy. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Putting a muzzle on before I get there is a great idea....we tried it once and he wouldn't even let me put it on him but that was after we got in there. I think today I will just bring him in a muzzle and maybe they won't have to sedate him. Thanks!
  3. Ok, I'm sure everyone remembers my dog Joey who has troubles going to the vet. He freaks out and becomes very aggressive towards the vet and assistants. I was considering changing vets, but I decided not to b/c I am a college student and will graduate and move again in May and will have to find another vet then anyway. Today he has to go in for shots, heartworm check, etc. and I am pretty worried about it, especially since last time I was there they warned me that he was extremely aggressive and could hurt children. ( He was trying to bite them even when sedated). Does anyone know what the "rules" are about aggressive dogs at the vet? (i.e., if they agree to treat him knowing he's aggressive then I won't be held responsible if he bites?) I am definitely planning on taking everyones' suggestions about staying calm and cheerful during the visit, and I'm bringing treats to try to keep him happy. Also, it has been a very long time since he has shown aggression other than at the vet....usually he is sweet to everyone. (Of course, they look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that) I was thinking that today, I might ask them to come out to the waiting room and get him instead of me going back to the treatment room with him because I know he is extremely protective of me and that is part of the problem. Another thing worth mentioning is that when I was home in AL, I took him to my parents' vet and he was fine...no reports of him being bad! But that time I just dropped him off and picked him up later.....What do y'all think?
  4. On August 16th, we finally had to put down our sheltie, Sandy (aka "old fottie") because he was in so much pain from his hip dysplasia. He licked my mom's face as he fell asleep....what a sweetheart. The only thing that made us feel better was knowing he is in heaven playing with our dachsund, Pete, who died of distemper as a little puppy about two years ago. WE WILL MISS YOU SANDY!!! :cry:
  5. Thanks so much for your replies and suggestions everyone. In response to the last post, the disease has progressed way too far for diet to work. (He also can't lose much weight b/c of his thyroid) He has now started barking constantly throughout the night. Just when my mom decides to put him down though, he will have a relatively good day. The nights are always horrible for him though. My mom says she is trying morphine (the vet suggested this as a last resort, no REALLY a last resort this time!) and if nothing improves she is having him put down. My guess is that the morphine will just make him sleep all of the time, and it won't be worth it for him.
  6. Hi again, I am encouraging my mom to get on the site and read your responses because she is the one who knows everything about what meds Sandy's been on, what the vet has told her, etc. However, I do know that the vet said Sandy would most likely have a hard time with the recovery after the surgery-the physical therapy. He isn't completely healthy-he has had a thyroid condition for many years, and I think he also has arthritis. He is very overweight. Oh, also I was wrong he is really more like 10 or 11 b/c we got him when I was around 10 and now I am 21! (oops). Anyway, I am definitely going to see what she thinks about some of the things you've said. We REALLY don't want to put him down but he is always either in pain and barking or sleeping from the meds. Thanks for all of your advice!
  7. Thanks for the reply, Starfox. He is a sheltie, and actually I'm not sure if my parents have taken him to a specialist....I think just their regular vet. Right now he is on very high doses of Tramadol and sleeps most of the time but still likes to roll over on his back and play or have his belly rubbed. Thankfully he's not in pain anymore b/c of this new medicine. It's inevitable though....he has to be put down very soon. :cry: Still, he has led a fairly long and happy life. Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. He weighs about 40 pounds.....yes, you can definitely see the chi in the ears! This pic doesn't show as much of his pitbull side though...sometimes when he is smiling and panting and his tongue hangs out he looks just like a pit! Plus, his head is somewhat triangle-shaped. :lol:
  9. By the way, does anyone else have a dog with severe hip dysplasia? That is what Sandy has (see pic I posted earlier) and unfortunately we have tried every kind of medicine out there (not surgery b/c the vet thinks he wouldn't survive the recovery-he is about 8 or 9 years old) but he is still in pain a lot of the time. He is in so much pain he barks a lot from it. The vet says the meds he is on now are a "last resort" and I'm guessing he will be put down soon. However, he still likes to roll around and play with people and seems to still be getting some joy out of life......What does everyone think? Should my mom just put him down now and avoid more suffering? It is so hard for her to deal with this.
  10. [img][img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v383/gjones2/Joey.jpg[/img][/img] Here he is! Let me know what y'all think....does he look like a chihuahua/pitbull? :lol:
  11. One of my parents' dogs-a 17 year old greyhound- does that all the time. The reason why they do it is mainly because the things they are licking taste salty. The pillows and blankets get sweat, dirt, your scent, etc. on them and then for the dog they are like a big salt lick! I'm not really sure what to do about this though, except for washing your linens more or something, but I'm guessing you'll just have to put up with it.
  12. Thanks so much, I will look into that. I should mention that Joey has had training before, and he did very well but it was only for a short amount of time (1 week). I think what happens is that he becomes absolutely terrified at the vet, and all rules go out the window for him and he attacks because he is so scared. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  13. I want to thank everyone for their advice on my vet troubles with Joey. Many of you suggested that I try another vet, and I am definitely taking that route after the way the vet visit went last week! When we went in, Joey started sort of freaking out right away....he knows what is coming and he really panics! So I let the assistant know that last time he had to be sedated when she came in to cut his nails, and then he started growling at her, but she still said she wanted to try cutting them without sedation, and then she took him out of the room b/c he is so protective of me. I waited there for a while and they sedated him for the exam and the nailcutting, and then the vet came in to talk to me. It was a different vet than I had last time (same office) which I thought was strange......then he proceded to tell me that my dog is dangerous and I should be very careful with him around kids. He asked me if he had ever attacked anyone and looked at me like I was a horrible person the whole time! Apparently Joey was very bad during the whole process :x but I never saw what happened b/c they did it all in the back! Anyway, I told the vet that Joey had never attacked anyone and that he met new people and dogs all the time, but he told me that his aggression would soon jump to new situations besides the vet b/c he is so overprotective of me. This worried me a lot, b/c he does snap at people when he is anxious or they are "infringing" on his territory. I am going to see another vet next time. Are there vets that specialize in treating abused and slightly aggressive animals? I am wondering if I need someone like that. Thanks again for the advice!
  14. I was wondering if anyone had advice on this......I have to take my dog to the vet today (for the 2nd time with this vet. I adopted him 8 months ago). and he tends to get really anxious and aggressive when the vet tries to touch him. She said he was being protective of me, so she took him across the room away from me and he was pretty much fine. Then, she tried to cut his nails. He did not like that and started snapping at her and the assistant pretty viciously! We tried getting a muzzle on him but he was biting them and me :x Finally, they had to sedate him so I could get the muzzle on him [i]even while sedated [/i] he was biting me really hard! I eventually got it on him and they cut his nails and then they gave him the "reversal" of the sedative and we left. Later in the day the reversal wore off (the vet eventually admitted that she may have given him too much sedative and not enough reversal) and he could barely move! I was very worried about him, so I called and talked to the vet. Anyway, we're going back today for a check-up and nail cut and I would really prefer not to go through all of this again!!! Any advice on how I can avoid any or all of this frustrating scenario?? By the way, I would try to cut his nails myself but they are black and it is sooo hard to see the quick! Even the vet ending up cutting him once. Help!
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    Yes of course this happens in the U.S. too!! Adopt a greyhound and save a life. I did, and now she is 17 years old!
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