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  1. The first few days when the puppys were born she only left them to go on walks but now she wants to spend more and more time in the front room . Like today all in all she has spent about 4 hours in the front room,dont get me wrong every time she goes back in she feeds them and makes them go toilet and they are all putting on weight fine,they weighed between 8oz and 11 at birth now they weigh between 1lb and 1lb 4. So should we be more strict with her and make her stay in there or is it alright to let her out for half an hour every few hours?
  2. Yes you are both right, he also gave her antihistamines. He gave her the antibiotics also for her bad ear.
  3. Hope you get well soon Alfie ,we are all thinking of you.
  4. We have just came back from the vets,he said it was a bad reaction to something,he gave her some antibiotics and said she would be fine. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Earlier today i noticed little bumps on phoenix and thought it was from the pups,now ive noticed at least 25 small and large bumps all over her face neck and legs,which she has been scratching and made bleed. Im going to take her to the vets in the morning but does anyone have any idea what they could be?
  6. enjoy all [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SQANA0IV6gWfa6BhZPRJ4SqSOLccVpjf7bmlfBW1w5Qi5ALlwxFEwLJCVk*NKaA9igf56q04!EBScY8PKOhKrmO5p6frcTn3CKzhJ25oRcgHIHwKFZC6sQ/new%20pups9#001.jpg?dc=4675444169492737182[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SgDYAmsV*ROfa6BhZPRJ4e1yjX7uY42EwIUdiwvIIRV2B9LxOZPxqrJtYb28SPlSKSX1CQfH3W6JnuQYtdCsYOFkhipYpvZa0y*ziKCC7gwccggzBdIq0g/new%20pups11#001.jpg?dc=4675444169287681126[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SgANA2sV*ROfa6BhZPRJ4e1yjX7uY42EwIUdiwvIIRV2B9LxOZPxqrJtYb28SPlSKSX1CQfH3W6JnuQYtdCsYOFkhipYpvZa0y*ziKCC7gwccggzBdIq0g/new%20pups11#001.jpg?dc=4675444169287681126[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SQDYAj8VMwWfa6BhZPRJ4VMviia5tkeStY1UPCXALsVMVvKImGx1q0FcVPs!GgmzYs9aiFzsDAh1bR5ddZWkQNCkn38JktaOb9nAL0AxZxMYe*iepb*pfQ/new%20pups6#001.jpg?dc=4675444169733689619[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SQDYAj4V9gSfa6BhZPRJ4QxX4wxZwHLBv9JvT0Rfo9ucPQOiKcuAQKGbIYzbWKnNVf*MN8ntAn1NOHb5zjJsa9OaCg34n2ht7geJmpSODzX*6dBJCgZhvg/new%20pups5#001.jpg?dc=4675444169759263763[/img]
  7. well i hope anyway.I joined the woofit site so ill see how it goes hope you all enjoy them emily xxx [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SQDUAkAVcAWfa6BhZPRJ4Tz37sAJqPTH5WKCEN5YJ98GysKfHeijuIlV15FfUykRfLOz8qhMXWssbbECQE0JHzMfkrj*tOUWTsV7!irLIH4RK2y*aGqDGg/new%20pups7#001.jpg?dc=4675444169683926856[/img][/img]
  8. Sorry that we have not posted pictures yet but we have been so busy with the new arrivals. All is fine when she is with her babies but when she has a break from them and comes in the front room she just forgets about them and does not seem to be bothered at all,is this normal ?. Puppy pictures will be posted tonight.
  9. Yes the final total is 7.Puppies and mum doing fine.we are so proud of her ,now we are all trying and get some sleep,as we have been up all night.Thank you all for your help. Love Emily,hubby.mum,dad and babies.xxx
  10. One more, hopefully the last one, for her sake.
  11. All doing fine ,only one worry mum still losing blood when she does a wee and dripping little bits of blood also,is this normal.
  12. she just had number 7 ,the 6th one alive,mums doing fine.
  13. Baby two had alresdy gone to heaven but 3 and 4 are fine.
  14. The first baby is here,he came at 6 o clock this morning. The new baby is finding it hard to find the nipple but we keep helping her out.Quick question,im sure i read if the baby makes noise when suckling its not getting any milk or there is a problem with the milk?. Fill you in when they all arrive.
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