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  1. SheltieGal

    Shelties anyone?

    I don't have any pics because I don't have a printer or digital camera. I think I'm going to get one soon though... They do nip at your heels [b]a little[/b]... I think they are trying to herd me up. :wink:
  2. SheltieGal

    Dogs will eat anything

  3. SheltieGal

    Dogs will eat anything

    another really gross thing that dogs eat... one of the dogs we had ate poop! :o :eviltongue:
  4. SheltieGal

    Holly! :S (PIC)

    :o wow! Sounds auful! hehe
  5. SheltieGal

    Yay! I'm getting a new doggy! :D

    I think Bella is a great name for your new dog! :D I bet you are so excited! I hope you'll show us pictures after you get her! :wink:
  6. SheltieGal

    Yay! I'm getting a new doggy! :D

    sounds cute! I like the name Lainie. (I don't know why) :)
  7. SheltieGal

    Shelties anyone?

    I can't imagine not having one around either! I'm glad there are someother Sheltie lovers around. :)
  8. SheltieGal

    Shelties anyone?

    [color=deeppink]Does anyone have Shetland Sheepdogs? I have a 8 month boy named Trey, and I'm going to get a new one on May 10th! :D I've had 2 that have had different kinds of Cancer. :cry:[/color]
  9. SheltieGal

    New Puppy!

    Sounds cute! behle-- me too :( is there anyway to fix that?
  10. SheltieGal

    He could drink a lake...

    I don't know how to help, but when my dog was on Prednizone(spelling?) he drank LOTS of water.