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  1. why not ask them what are you Paying?? - you may find they will offer well maore than you were going to Charge.. [B]Source(s):[/B] my wife's business= 15 years of Home/ office & building cleaning, she's never quoted a price & continually gets 15-20 per hour work ------------------------ thank for this answer too.
  2. I had my own pet sitting business in the So. Cal area for years, and the going rate here for overnights ranges between $65-$75 per night for one pet. You should check the rates of other sitters in that area to see what they are charging and charge similarly. -------------- Thank for this answer from other board.
  3. I live in the San Francisco Bay area (Palo Alto area). One of my clients has asked if I would like to take care of her beautiful home and her dog for 2 &1/2 days. Involves light gardening, walking dog 3X per day and staying overnight. How much is appropriate to charge?
  4. go to a few dog shows and talk to the owners/handlers and talk to them about getting started in handling. this would also be a good expierence to get used to the set ups of shows and also to see how others handle the dogs. ----------------------- Thank for this answer from other board.
  5. I live in my parents' home, and they do not like dogs in their home. I have always wanted to start dog showing, but am not able to get a show dog myself. What are ways to participate in conformation showing without purchasing a show dog? (How to find someone to allow me handle their dog if they don't even know me) I can't get into junior handling since I am over the age limit.
  6. First off, get a air compreser thing like a blow horn with out the horn. spray it in his face. eventually, he won't chase them because he knows he will get punished. Hope this helped. Use a retractable leash. That way you can control him and it is plastic so it won't rip out of your hands as much. ---------------- Thank for this answer from other board.
  7. I walk my dog alot. And hes a big dog. And hes good on a leash. I can handle him really good. But i get scared when he sees another dog. He doesnt bark at all. But the other dogs bark at him. Making my dog run. He rips the leash out of my hands and runs toward the dogs. But he never hurts the dogs. But the dogs always hurt him. How do i control him so me and my dog dont get hurt?
  8. Having a dog as your companion can be a true joy. However, you don
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