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  1. Hello, im new to the forum and im really hopeful that i can find some help in this matter. I have 3 Beagles: 2 Males and 1 Female. (Mom , Dad & Son ). The 2 males have been fighting each other for a few months now. Every single day. Originally it started with me being the trigger (as soon as i went to the backyard and they saw me they began growling and placing their heads over the others "shoulder" , which i believe is a sign for dominance) and after they growl a bit the start fighting and even drawn a little blood on their ears. This happened every single time they saw me. when i went out to feed them , when i went to take out the trash, went i got out of the house to go to work , etc... (just want to mention that neither the males or the female are fixed, but i do have the female on shots to prevent heat. So its not like theyre fighting over her) After a while i wasnt the only trigger. Nowadays every single member of my family triggers this behavior. My mom told me that one day she got home from work, she saw the dogs resting on opposite sides of the lawn. while she was walking from the fence towards the front door the dogs ran towards each other and started grwoling at each other (hairs on their backs all the way "up" ) and as soon as she got inside the house and looked out the window , they were all back in their resting spots. how can i stop this? , i worried about their health since i figure it cant be healthy to be fighting and angry half the time , and i also havent been able to enjoy my dogs for months now since the mere sight of me will start a fight. help!?
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