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  1. [quote name='BunBon']Hi, if you have to give your dog benadryl I assume she has allergies - do you know what kind of allergies? My dog is allergic to certain types of food that makes him itchy, and in the summer when the pollen is out in the long grass we have to give his belly a wipe down with a damp cloth after walks because the pollen irritates him. Has the vet told you what is causing the allergic itching?[/quote] Yes, Benadryl helps, but do they have to stay on this everyday?
  2. I'll bet it will get better, but perhaps your vet will have some suggestions. I would definately keep up the distractions more by walking and playing. When I first moved, my little girl had that blank stare for awhile. It took about a month and now she's happy again. Did you recently move or any other drastic change? Hang in there!
  3. My dog, since we've moved, is more itchy. I was told to give her benadryl everyday. Isn't there something more natural than that that works? Please help.
  4. [quote name='odnarb']On another board, there have been warning of dogs attempting to lick paper shredders and having their tongues caught in the shredding blades. One dog didn't have sufficient muscle left to swallow afterwards, and didn't make it. Please unplug your paper shredders when not in use.[/quote] Oh my gosh, I never thought of that. How horrible. Thank you for the heads up!
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