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  1. Thanks for the advice Shannon. Unfortunately we haven't done ANYTHING different-crate hasn't moved, etc. We've started all over with crate training like we did when she was a puppy. We've started feeding her in there etc. Oddly once she's in there she's fine AS LONG as MTV is on! How funny is that?! I think perhaps she's just going through a teenager phase! :)
  2. Hello! I have a 2 year old Chocolate lab who is all of a sudden terrified of her crate, which she normally loves. She's been going into her crate voluntarily everyday for 2 years, but last week all of a sudden she won't go in. My husband & I can't think of any trama/reason that caused this but it's stressing all of us out because she needs to be in there while we're at work. Any help/advise anyone can give me to rectify this & get her back to normal would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Morgan's Mom
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