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  1. I have only won one best in show, but 2 best puppies in show, and a res best in show. It is such a great feeling to win best in show, tell the truth i did not stop Crying, the judge was trying to speak to me, but I just cried and cried, I was 6 months pregnant tho, :lol: Nicky
  2. So much to learn! I just got back from our local ringcraft club, it was Match night tonight so took the Cresties along, one got a first, the other nothing, The huskies cannot go as over qualified. Someone told me once that when you make a Champion up in the USA, it is not allowed to compete in the normal classes, only in a Champion class, it this right?
  3. No I didnt mean Bostons, just general tail docking lol. So is a Major show like a Championship show? Can you get most of your points at Open shows? In England we have Companion shows, these can be non KC registered, if they are non KC reg, and you have a show dog, you are not allowed to enter them, not even for the waggy tail class lol. If the companion show is KC reg, you can enter if your dog has not got a JW, Rs CC or CC, but dont get any points for anything you win, some big show people frown on these shows, but I like to use them for practise with new puppies or problem dogs. Also they are great fun and are used to raise money for Charities. Then there is the Limit Show, run by a local dog club, these are limited to 75 classes and any dog that has won either a CC or any win that counts towards the status of Champion is ineligible for entry. You still get no points. Then we have an Open show a smaller type of show, open to all. Champions can be entered but not many are. Quite often dogs and bitches of one breed are judged together. you get points towards your JW ( Junior Warrent). Then the Championship show Challenge Certificates are on offer for most breeds. They are normally large shows, lasting a few days. Your dog does not, however, have to have done any previous winning to attend these shows. you get CC's and JW points. Bostons are very unusual in England, you dont get many to a class, so less CC's are offered, it sound like the same in The USA. If a breed has a low entry do they get less Majors, but a breed with a large entry get more Majors? I find it strange how all the countries have different ways with their point systems, it makes it very confusing for people who want a international champion. Some people in England will take their dog to france, belgium or Ireland to get it to be a champion, because it is easier for them to get championship status this way, or if they cant make their dog up in England the will do this. The thing I like about Crufts, is you get dogs from all over the world competeing. and altho some countries dont have many of a certain breed, the standard of their dogs are much higher than some of the English dogs. Look at the final line up last year at Crufts, they were mostly International dogs that got through, and an American dog won. Utility Group are on the same day I am going to Crufts, I will try and get some pics of the Bostons for you. Nicky
  4. Wow, so it is easier to get a Champion in the USA than in England. Here it is very difficult to get a champion. To be a Champion you need to win 3 Challenge certificates ( CC's). You can only win these at Championship shows if your breed has CC's, not all Champ shows hav4e CC's for your breed as there is a set number of CC's handed out for each breed every year. All breed classes at a Champ show are seperated to dogs and bitches. Dogs are always shown first, then the bitches. The classes start off with minor puppy and end with open, certain classes you cannot enter if your dog has had more than a set amount of !st places at a champ show, but the silly thing is you can go in any class you want if you have not won the set amount:niedowiary: . Example: if you have a dog who is 3 years old and won 5 1st places at a champ show, you can only enter certain higher classes, but if you have a puppy, you can put it in all the classes if you wanted to, or completely skip puppy and put it up with the open class that is usually filled with champions and other dogs that can no longer go in the below classes.:roll: It is done quite often by bigger well known breeders if the want to win best puppy in breed. Right back to the how to make a champion. If you win 1st in your class at the champ show, all the winning bitches compete for the best bitch. The winner of the best bitch gets the bitch CC, the second winner gets the Res CC ( you can get 100 res CC's and never be a champion, it is not worth anything, silly really!) then the dog winner and the bitch winner compete for best of breed, to see who will go through to the group. Now I have my 1st CC, so now I need to go to another 2 more champ shows and go through it all again to win another 2 bich CC's to make my biotch into a champion. Now their are usually about 150 - 180 Huskies at a Championship show offering CC's, so you can see how hard it is to get that CC. You could win loads of 1sts at Champ shows and never make your dog into a champion, they have to get that CC. Now you see why we are so happy if we make a Champion up, it is so very hard to do lol. I have been told that in the USA you can make a champion up by 7 months old? I am going to print off the American points sytem and see if I can work it all out lol. I have never shown abroad, always got the kids in tow. When they are older we would like to do france, belgium and Ireland, we have a Imported bitch from France. I think Boston Terriers dont get many CC's in England. They are thinking of banning tail docking here too, their are going to be alot of short tailed breeds with long tails, now that is going to be strange! Nicky
  5. You have fantstic Bostons. Mine have a stud book number, its a certificate you get from the kennel club for winning the Limit dog or bitch class at a Championship show with CC's. It is very hard with huskies to get the stud book number as we have very big classes at Champ shows. The average class for bostons at a crufts last year was 5, husky's were 15. Champ shows are usually a bit bigger. The limit class always has the most with at least 20 dogs or 20 bitches as everyone wants a stud book number. One of my girls is entered twice in the stud book as she also gained her Junior Warrant, this is also hard to get as you need a certain number of points before they are 18 months old, and you only get the points if you win a first place and there was more than 3 in the class, you need 27 points, you get 1 point for a 1st at an open show and 3 at a champ show, but you have to get so many points from each show. Its very confusing. But then again, I find the American point system confusing lol One day I will get someone to explain it to me in simple terms:oops: Nicky
  6. [SIZE=3]Who has entered for Crufts, not long now til the entries close.[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]We have 4 qualified, but only taking the Chinese Cresteds this year.[/SIZE] [SIZE=3]The Huskies are qualified for life, but we have a judge that wont like their type.:nonono2:[/SIZE]
  7. I have Chinese Cresteds and Siberian Husky's. The chinese cresteds are so comical, I just adore this breed, could never imagine life without one! [URL]http://www.esquimaux.co.uk[/URL] Nicky
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