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  1. I think it's possible that the aggression may be fear based because when he's out on his lead and people approach to talk to him, he becomes aggressive and i'm wondering if that's his defence mechanism. And as we don't know his history it's probably a good prognosis. The peeing however, I'm not sure on. I'm trying to find a pattern as to when he does it. Initially when we got him I was at home with him. Now I have a new job he's left alone more. But would this cause him to pee in the house/ Also, is obedience training successful with adult dogs/
  2. Thanks for the advice Nick. We're just getting frustrated about why he's doing it as he's been really good so far. We think he was possibly abused in the past as he's quite skittish, so the spray idea would probably be better as we don't want him lose trust with us. It's just so strange how they suddenly change. I'm pleased to hear your dog had a breakthrough. Hopefully ours will too :D
  3. I adopted a lab mix 2 months ago from an animal shelter. He is about 4 years old. He was a stray picked up by the pound so we have no idea what his background is. He was understandably nervous at first but soon settled in and we thought how great it was that he was house trained. Just recently though he's started peeing in the house on walls and random items. He's just been to the vets and is in good health. There are no other animals in the house and none who have visited recently. He's also started getting aggressive when we have certain visitors around. Some people he loves, others he barks and growls at on meeting them. Any ideas on the turn around in his behaviour would be really appreciated. :)
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