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  1. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']Sorry for your loss. ....The reason I said what I did at that time was because I didnt know if that person what come back after they got the information they needed. So call me heartless or inconsiderate but, whatever, Im just trying to help the animals. Ive said it before and I really dont care what you all think, Im not a people person at all! :lol: Now, Im not going to say anymore before my mouth gets me in trouble....[/quote] Thank you very much. You have to give people a chance b/c everyone is not aware of what really goes on with puppymills and pet shops. I am grateful and sad that I had to experience what I did. Now it's my turn to spread the word as much as I can. I am going to hire a lawyer and send my story to anyone and everyone that I can so others do not make the same mistake that I did. I does hurt when someone acts heartless. Please try to give the next person the benefit of the doubt b/c not everyone is educated about the treatment of these animals.
  2. [quote name='roo']:o :o :o :o :o Yes we all try to educate people But and a big but :lol: there are times and places for it This person has purchased a puppy be it designer breed or pedigree from a pet shop, it is their first puppy.... what did they do wrong???? What!!!! loved a pup and bought it, many many people are not aware of what really is behind the pet shops, that does not mean their heartache is any less than your or mine Tact is needed in these cases not, oh lets have a go, told you so, you should have known :evil: Some member here know what they are talking about some like to spout off because someone has not done it correctly :oops: I hope and pray for your puppy be it from where ever, i am sending possitive thoughts to you and yours Please please keep us informed of pups updates. WE DO CARE :angel:[/quote] Thanks for the support and understanding. A dog is a dog whether is be a pure breed or a mix. They still have personality and love. Sometimes more health problems sometimes less. Coby did pass away last night at 11:30 while still be treated in the hospital. For now I am going to work on kids and think about another dog in the future.
  3. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']Look, Im sorry about your dog, sincerely. BUT, if you wouldve done research you wouldve known that Puggles are bred by people interested in money, not the health of the dog. It doesnt suprise me in the least that your dog is having the problems it is.[/quote] I really don't thinkmy mistake was buying a mixed breed--my mistake was buying from a pet store. I just got married and this is my first dog. I am sorry that I really was not aware of pet store--puppy mill issues.
  4. [quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo]Are they sure it's just coccidia and giarrdia? Have they mentioned anything about parvo at all? [/color][/quote] They tested for Parvo and the test came out negative, but they said there can be false negatives. He is being isolated b/c of kennel cough and the parasites, but thay are also giving antibiotices in case of Parvo.
  5. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']A puggle?!? :o *faints* [size=2]Someone please inform this person because Im going to go insane from these stupid designer mutts![/size][/quote] thanks for being supportive and making me feel much better!
  6. We got a puggle last Sunday...Monday we took him to the vet with slight case of kennel cough and we gave him the antibiotics. We also had his stool sample taken just to chack for any problems. Friday we got the results and Coby tested positive for coccidia and giardia. That day he slept alot and began vomiting, having diarrhia, and quevering. We rushed him to the emergency hospital Friday night and it is now monday and he is still there. We visit everyday and things just don't seem to be getting better. He is now very conjested, still having bloody mucusy diarrhea. His head is hanging and his tail is between his legs. His does not want to eat or drink and looks very skinny. His is on IV, albon, panacur, metronidazole, and anti-acid and anti-diarrhea. We are vey upset and not sure what the outcome usually is with these illnesses. Any help or experiences would be greatly appreticated.
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