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  1. We pretty much have a zoo !! but I dont chain a single dog! :) usually the dogs are all inside and we have such a large family ( Im a stay at home mom ) that some one is always home to be with the dogs . . . but if we cant cope with so many in the house at once , we have several runs in our backyard . . . 4 to be exact, they are fairly large and they give the dogs a comfort of being outside, without a roof that "restricts" them I guess. . .and also the safety of us always knowing that they are locked in :D they are really never in there - the only one ever in is usually JAG ! He loooves it!! who knows why . . . I BET its okay for a dog to visit sometimes! Jag probably spends about 15 minutes in there a day . . . but I wouldnt be caught DEAD leaving MY dogs outside for more than an hour unattended !!
  2. Presley is the WORST !!! :roll: :roll: :roll: when I go to give him pills the dummy is a pain in my backside !!! I usually wrap the pill in cheese and ALL of the other dogs DON'T notice the pill and just chew/swallow !! oooo NO not Presley! he has to be "DIFFERENT"!! or should I say difficult ??! he is such a pain! he eats RIGHT around the pill so that hubby and greg have to hold him !!! they hold him and I literally almost cram the pill down his little throat :-? its not fun for him or us !!!
  3. you did what any of us would have done !!! we ALL want to have our dogs best interests at hand and if they are NOT happy then we have to find a way to let them be happy !!! I think you did a great thing and you were NOT selfish AT ALL !!! goodness gracies I know I would have been sooo selfish and wanted to keep my baby and never let go !!! you are BRAVE !!!! but at least stryker is going to a GREAT home !! does this mean you will be getting a new addition ??! Gerri :)
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