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  1. I guess I hadn't logged on. I guess I should have also said in reply to your question -I don't think she is being either submissive or manipulative. She just knows there is a connection between doing these behaviours and getting a reward. Keep up the good work!
  2. I own a yappy breed with a bark that slices through your cranium like a dentist drill. I couldn't tolerate barking from my dog for these reasons. I use clicker training for all my training with him. When someone would come to the door, or if we were entering an area with other dogs/people he would bark. I would tell him "quiet" or "enough" and distract him-getting his focus on me. As soon as we was quiet I click the cliker, give him a treat and tell him "good quiet". After a few weeks of this I have a very quiet dog. I am personally very surprised how well it worked and there was no real punishment invovled. Of course your dog has to be food motivated and using the clicker is almost a must so you'd have to look into this. There are a ton of websites on it and it is fast becoming the method of choice with training professionals. It is a very positive method as you reward desired behviours and only ignore undesired ones. For barking you must be VERY diligent. Do not leave them unattended in the yard to bark aimlessly, give the quiet command and reward the dog VERY often. If I could silence a Keeshond...anyone acan do this! Good luck and may you find peace and QUIET in your home!
  3. I own a Keeshond and here is my take on the breed- They do shed but no where near as bad a a lab, shepherd or even a doberman. I keep him fairly well groomed (brushed) and hair is not too much an issue but they do lose a few. Blowing coat times you have to be very diligent and get them completely groomed when they are blowing including a bath and once they are done hair is again not a big issue. We have black couches and I only need to vacuum them once or twice a week. When my friend visits with her lad cross I need to vacuum every 15 mintues! I am training my dog is obedience and agility. They learn very quickly and I have never found that he tires of the training sessions as long as you don't work on the same thing all day. He would play ball every day for hours. He had to be trained not to bark too much and there is a natural tendency in the breed to be yappy. They follow you around the house all day-like a shadow. Mine sleeps outside at night in a run and is fine with that as they like to keep a watch on things. He is quite high energy and needs exercise everyday (in the form of play). He gets [b]very[/b] excited about other dogs, people and kids. He absolutely LOVES kids. He doesn't just "tolerate" children... He seeks out our 6 year old to play with him. You will have to brush this dog at least once a week and it will take about 45 mintues to do it. If you can't keep up the brushing you will have to take him to a groomer and pay for it. NEVER CLIP THE COAT- IT WILL BE DESTOYED! You will have to play with the dog and [b]spend time with it[/b]. Training is a must (I suggest clicker) and postive reinforecement (they really love food/treats). They do not respond well to ANY FORM of physical punishment (they are a "soft" dog). It will be yappy if you dont correct it or if you leave it unattended outdoors. YOu must socialize them so they wont be shy. Hope this helps..sorry so long.
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