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  1. Hello All! K9 Advantix is just imported in my country(Thailand) and I really like to know how it's difference from FrontLine. I have used Frontline for my dogs for long long time and thought it's very good. But K9 Advantix can repel and kill mosquitoes which Frontline can't,so I'd like to test it. Does anyone use K9 Advantix and Frontline? Please tell me more about K9 Advantix. . .Thank you so much in advance :)
  2. HAD - German Spitz, always have them in my life since I was born...they are very smart and gentle :angel: WISH - Australian Shepherd, the wonderful perfect breed in my heart...I have learned about this breed and lots of informations about this breed are added in my mind. I wish I could have one soon :scatter:
  3. Hi!!! You dog is very beautiful :D
  4. Hehe....I prefer Herding(No.1) :wink: --> Sporting --> Working
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