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  1. Well. I am an Agility handler and we teach EVERYONE to take the course without making any sound's at all... I can go through hole course with my dog without saying a word... Every dog that study's Agility has to know his owners body language :)

    So it shouldn't be so hard to teach Agility to a deaf dog 8)

  2. I have one Irish setter. His name is Blues after the music :D He is related to Embla and Tarzan. He is their fathers brother 8)
    Blues is 7 years old but he still acts like he's only 2! On a dog show in marz the judge asked me if he was'nt 3y. old!!

    Pic's will come later.. :roll: .

  3. Hello I'm new here. And I hope that my english isn't so bad! :roll:
    I live in Iceland and have tvo dogs of my own.

    Congrat's with your puppies!

    [b]Here are mine:
    They are now 11 weeks old and all of them have reseved a new home![/b]


    [size=6][color=blue]And here is one picture of my Cavalier who is the dad:[/color][/size]

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