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sleep deprivation, it's killing me

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[B][FONT=Century Gothic]I swear i never cease to be amazed at how people can treat dogs. About 3 weeks ago a friend of mine told me that her step-mother hed bred her fila .. and left the mother and pups outside. For whatever reason, momma jumped the fence and was hit by a car. Needless to say she got no medical attention and died. This woman then told my friend the puppies would just starve so i offered to take them in myself. When they got to me,they were 2 weeks old to the day, and they all had developed a staff infection in their skin. So they have have little bald circles everywhere ... i was in tears from the sight of them, and this person literally DUMPED the box of infant filas on my floor, threw registartion papers at me and walked away .. leaving the puppies crying, and me rather aggitated. Once i look at the papers, not that it matters, but they pups have good bloodlines. Why would someone put effort to make pups that they don't care about?? But other than me passing out at work, in the chair, standing ... whereever, i have managed to bring them back to health. They still have some bald spots, but the hair is growng back,and they're begining to look amazing. They are 5 weeks old today and 2 will be ready for new homes and experianced owners ((Fila's are NOT for everyone!!)) soon!! Thats riight, one got my heart, and he's staying with me!! Just thought you guys might like a story with a happy ending ! I'll sacrifice my sleep for that anyday! :mdrmed: [/FONT][/B]


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