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Abusive Groomer!!!!

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How do you let people know about a dog groomer who is very abusive to the pets.......I've have seen first hand....How this groomer is totally out of line when handling these peoples' pets.

I have worked at this hospital in Maryland for quite a while and can't tell you...how terrible this is.......I have talked to the managers and have gotten no where.

some people would gasp at the way these poor animals are treated, not to mention the boarding here is terrible also.

I would never ever leave my animals to board there either..... much less groomed with this particular person. they have 2 groomers one is very nice and never ever does this; in fact that groomer will not even work on the same days because of the abuse.

That groomer will be leaving soon because of the **** that goes on, she is in the process of building her own mobile grooming business and wants nothing more to do with this hospital as well. They are losing good workers because of this one person.

The whole hospital knows about it but continues to let this take place. Even the owner.

So, if you want any information, you can email me personally at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][COLOR=#0066cc][email protected][/COLOR][/EMAIL] I also have witnesses that will come forth, but beings I live so close to this person and a little nervoous about taking this any further I could really use some input......Please help shut these mean groomers down......

One person who was smart enough and caught her beating one of the dogs on his cell phone and may still have the video....That's another alternative if it still exist.

Thanks for letting me vent...Sorry so long....

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