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I've only had my shepard/collie mix for a couple of months. He's either 6 or 7 years old and until today, I've never had an aggression problem.

We were at the dog park and he was getting along fine with the other two dogs that were there then another dog showed up and before I knew it, he was on top of him and biting his neck.

I didn't see who started it, but was told the other dog did. Anyway, we left the park to show my dog that his behavior was unacceptable, but now I'm worried that he's going to do it again.

After they were seperated, he was fine and behaved just as beautifully as ever while he was on his leash.

Please help with some input about what I can do to keep this from happening again.


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i don`t what happened to my dog last night....he is not feeling well and there 3 spots on dofferent places....i am too much worried about him so what should i do [url=http://www.paintyourlife.com/galleries/horse-portraits.asp][b]horse portraits[/b][/url] now.....he is cocker spiner...any one here to help me

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