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which product should i use for dog's diet & vitamins


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Our Newfy is on NuVet Canine Plus. A lot of people seem to think these tablets are great. Here is a quote from their website. "[FONT=Arial][B][SIZE=5]O[/SIZE][/B]ur scientists, veterinarians and formulators began with the premise that most pet diets are lacking the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and [/FONT][URL="http://www.nuvet.com/freerads.asp"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]antioxidants[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][FONT=Arial]. There are important nutrients that animals once received when they were living in a more primitive environment that are not available in the modern diet. Commercial pet foods contain numerous by-products that can make them poisonous, toxic and incapable of reducing the devastating effects of unstable oxygen molecules, also known as "[/FONT][URL="http://www.nuvet.com/freerads.asp"][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#0000ff]free radicals[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][FONT=Arial]." Free radicals have been implicated in more than fifty health problems in humans and animals including various forms of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, cataracts and premature aging." [URL="http://www.nuvet.com"]www.nuvet.com[/URL][/FONT]

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