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Poop Picking


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For those of you who pick up (poop) after your dogs, do you ever pick up a wrong pat and get totally grossed out? :lol:

You know? You expect nicely formed, slightly squishy, WARM (fresh) poop, but your fingers (in a plastic bag) wrap around a hardened COLD lump? :placz:

*shudder* When that happens, I freak out. :P :lol:

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[quote name='BunBon']I don't know why but it does not bother me at all to pick up my own dog's poop - but it grosses me out picking up after other peoples dogs. Its the same if my dog pukes - its no problem to clear up - but if someone elses dog is sick it makes me feel ill![/quote]

Im the same way on that one. I guess if its my pup, it's part of me...thats why it doesnt gross me out.

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