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Growl at you?


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Have your dog(s) ever growled at you?

I cant' think of time in particular where Smoke has growled at me... but he did get mad at me once when I wouldn't let him in the camper.

While he slept with my brother one night he was on his feet so my brother kept nudging him over to move with his feet. Smokie finally get fed up and growled and wraped his mouth around my brothers ankle. Ofcourse he didn't bite down. Guess he wanted to say stop it and i'm serious! My Grumpy dog!
And then he had to sleep on the floor for doing that, if I remember correctly!

He also growled at my mom once, when she tried to take him from the underneath the camper (he thought my dad was in there). My mom had to open the door and show him my dad wasn't in there and then he happily went with her. But she would not tolerate smokie growling, I'm sure he got in trouble for that! My parents send them to a room like a child when he gets in trouble lol.

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Gretchen is very growly and vocal while playing too.....Kris calls her "Chewy" (Chewbacca sp?) :lol:

Sassy growled at me once because I moved her out of my seat and I just got right in her face and said "Don't YOU growl at me !!!" and she backed off and never did it again. :-?

Maisy only growls when she sees cats outside...... :roll: :lol:

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All of my dogs (especially Maya) are big-time play growlers. If a non-dog person heard my dogs playing in the yard they would probably think they were fighting by all the play growling.

When I first got Maya, the shelter said that she was food aggressive. So she would growl if I would try to take her food away. Now if I have to take her bowl away before she's done (to put something else in, or whatever), I make her sit and she'll let me take it without growling (but she gives me a dirty look).

But no, none of my dogs growl at me. That's just not allowed in my house.

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