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If it wasnt for the dog overpopulation problem

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I would own two of my choice (meaning I picked them not that they picked me) instead of 5 that I didn't pick.

I do have a dog picked out for when my life settles down a bit....I can't wait! I picked HIM!

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My "ideal number" is two. (Mostly I end up with three though. :oops:) Tessa is the first dog I actually got to pick out. Other than that, I'm always the "pickee". :lol:
Three is really my limit, because I don't think one person could properly attend to the needs of more than three dogs. ( I think, three's already pushing it....... :wink:)

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When I move out, i want four! My boyfriend is absoultely terrified. My dream is to have 4 dogs!

I feel so guilty for not even having one. Well Smokie's back home, and I still consider him mine even though he's my parents. As far as Smokie, we've aways been allowed to have only 1 dog at a time... but with his personality I think it's best he's the only dog.

All of my dogs will be from shelters..although at some point in my life I do want a cavalier king charles spaniel.

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Lord knows I was a bit tempted today to add another to the pack. I was helping with transport of a Belgian Sheepdog mix from South Carolina to Pennsylvania. While at first very reserved, Lady soon warmed up to me, leaned in for a cuddle and gave me a tiny kiss. I knew right then I had to get back on the road quick so I could turn her over to the final leg of the trip for the night.
I met up with the next person in Fredricksburg VA, as she walked towards us, Lady pressed herself against my leg. 'Oh now don't do that!" :-?
She's a sweet girl, looks very much like a SMALL Belgian Sheepdog, probably a bit of Chow in her. Weighs about 47 lbs and has that pretty black coat.
She's looking for a home too. UTD on shots and spayed already. 8)

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