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More Designer Dog Breeds!!!

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Uh guys....she's doing it cuz she's PO'd at the designer dog craze.

Here is what she says:
Day in and day out lately ‘doodle’ is the word on everyone’s lips. They’re the “must-have” thing these days, designer breeds with fancy names, hypoallergenic claims, and promises of “it’ll be a breed soon!” It makes me sick. So I aimed my anger in a direction that’s sarcastic, but hopefully thought-provoking. All of the “breeds” named are actual, in-use ‘designer’ names.

It angers me that people are willing to pay for overpriced mutts, and it makes me madder to know they’re being bred by the thousands just to make a quick buck. Cocker x poodle, Pomeranian x peke--we’ve had these mixes in our shelters since day one. And these same expensive “hybrids” are being euthanized en masse for lack of loving homes. Don’t get me wrong, I love mutts. My childhood dog was a mutt, although she’d be a “foxadoodle” today. But it’s time we called a spade a spade (and spayed all these poorly bred mixes, too!)

None of these dogs exist, of course. Their personal stories aren’t really true. But we hear stories and excuses JUST like these on a daily basis in shelters nationwide. Purebreds and mutts alike, turned over for reasons identical to these.

Oh, it’s of worth to note: every single dog photo here is of a shelter animal, current or adopted. And they’re all either the exact mix the name belongs to, or a fullblooded purebred that goes into that go into creating that mix. Interesting, no? [/b]

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Hmmmmmmm - I'm all for "Designerdogs", when it comes to service-dogs. Other than that I guess it's a cry of despair from some people for a healthy pet with longer "shelf-life". Look at most pure breds - they all have problems with genetic diseases. :wink:
Labradoodles are great dogs for a handicapped person with allergy problems for instance. CCI breeds Goldendoodles and Goldendors for their service-dog program. That's a good thing, I think. Other than that: If people want a mutt they should go to their local shelter. :P :fadein:

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Poodles and Lab mixes just make me sick the thought of them mixing, and people making a profit of them.

I'm against them. The only time I'd ever get one is if I heard about really bad cruelity, and I wanted to get the dog out of a better situation. Even then, I can't imagine not adopting a dog out of the shelter.

I would think a lab and poodle mixed is not always hypoallergenic.

I don't have a problem with mixed breeds, that is in shelters. Aren't there enough of them?

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