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9 day old baby attacked by family dog.

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A newborn baby is clinging to life UK Hospital after being attacked by his family's dog Wednesday.

Josh and Alicia Vest first brought baby Ethan, who is nine days old, to their Harrison County home just days ago. That's when little Ethan also met the family pet, a Husky-German Shepherd mix. Officials say they believe the dog attacked the child because it was jealous of the new baby.

"The dog grabbed the child by the head and shook it," said Harrison County sheriff Bruce Hampton. "The mom heard the baby crying and when she walked in the room, the dog was beside the child then."

The baby was rushed to a Cynthiana hospital then airlifted to UK, where at last check he was listed in critical condition.

Meantime, animal control went after the dog, but officers say it somehow escaped. The search for the dog was called off around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Police are calling this a devastating accident and they don't expect to file any charges.

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Again it all comes down to the way you treat ur dog, if u treat it bad or dont take much notice of it, it is going to do bad things, it is like attention seeking or jealousy, my staffies brilliant with my daughter, although it is just me Lola and my daughter so we all get same amount of attention.

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