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Do you know what to do?


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:lol: R2

That actually happened to me when I was pregnant with my 3rd child.
A neighbor that lives 2 houses over had a English Mastiff named Sooty, she was a real houdini....always getting out.

She didn't like my Nakita (Akita/PitX) and would always try and challenge her if she caught us out.
One day I noticed her a few yards down the road (loose), I was in our yard with Nakita on leash...I thought if I can get back to the house before she sees us......too late, she started running towards us, then stood a few feet away....I started backing up slowly......and tripped over a big stone my hubby has to feed birds with..... :lol: :lol:
She didn't attack that day, but sure scared the beejeezus out of me !!
When I was in the hosp. we got a nice gift/card from Sooty to the new baby........ :lol: :lol:

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[quote name='rotten_two']dawg smiled on you that day! did you actually fall or just stumble![/quote]

Stupid me....fell :lol: That's when hubby got pissed and had a talk with them about keeping Sooty in better. :wink:

She had previously attacked us while out walking in the street, but when she found out that Nakita was no pussy she left us alone...... :evilbat:
I was screaming my arse off , no one on our street heard me but someone across the pond heard me and called the police.....they thought someone was being raped !!!!! :o :lol:

I had no doubt after that attack that Nakita could hold her own with Sooty but I just didn't want it to happen. :wink:

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[quote name='BuddysMom']I know I should avoid eye contact, move slowly away, etc ... but in reality my first instinct, which I have sucessfully used about three times, is to scoop up a handful of gravel and charge the suckers like a raving maniac, yelling GO HOME, waving my arms, and throwing stuff at them.[/quote]

Same here. I wish I would of done something like that. My cousin Hali had this dog and it was growling at me snapping in all, and I was running home. It was dark and nobody was around. Finally I made it somebodys house and turned around and kind of kicked the dog on the side by his head (I didn't know what else to do I was like 14)..and the dog ran away after that..and I continued walking home.

Another time my cousin Kristins Collie Max bit me in the butt but it was right outside my house and my dad came out and chased the dog lol.

Just to add something off topic...
My dad was drunk outside in the camper (my mom doesn't let him drink in the house) anyways there was a white dog in the yard, and he kept saying come here boy, and stuff. ... turns out as he got closer it was a wolf! :lol:
Luckily, it just ran away after he got closer.

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[quote name='rotten_two']what kind of threat? a stare? a growl? a lunge? is he running at me?[/quote]

It's all about learning something. I know you are very knowledgeable. Give us some examples of all the above. Who knows, it may save someone from being bitten.

One thing I would add. Most dogs understand basic commands. You can try a firm assertive SIT or STAY or LAY DOWN.

I know you are supposed to walk away and avoid contact but trust me, it dont always work. I got bit doing exactly that. I was walking down a street in a neighborhood. The dog ran off the porch and started dancing beside me acting agressive. I figured if I ingnored him, he would go back on the porch. I didnt acknowledge he was even there and just kept walking slowly away and he bit me.

On the other hand, and IM sure everyone will say this is wrong and it may not work for everyone, I have stoped, faced the dog and agressively said something to it and it backed off. Maybe however, if I was a small woman, it may not have been effective.

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I've had excellent luck with remaining watchful but not aggressive, not approaching but not backing away right away and saying things like:
"Good dog, are you a good boy." etc in the cutesy praising voice, it seems to confuse them and disrupt the behaviour and allow you to safely move away. Failing that I think if it was charging I'd have to stand and face it because once its charging its pretty set and I don't run all that fast. So I suppose I'd attempt to punch it in the nose or kick it in the junk.

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a lot of it would depend on the threat. if it was standing there snarling but not lunging, I might start to back up and look over its head (where I could still see it without staring at it) but if it remained aggressive after that (following or lunging) I would have to yell a stern D*O*W*N*!!!!
or SIT!!!! the worst thing you can do is run. If it continued to attack I'm afraid I'd probably kick it, or hit it with a tree branch or something.

I dont walk without my dogs. A wielded leash makes a good slap upside the head tool....and I always carry an extra with me just in case something happens, like one breaks or whatever.

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I use to carry treats with me when I made deliveries way back when, I had a large Lab attack and I got off the proch quick cuz I knew it was a comin', I was able to back down the steps and used my clipboard as it lunged, and I hit it upside the head, the owner was right behind the dog and yelled, No, Stay, Off, Sit Blackey, Leave it, nothing, the lab was in the red zone, I could tell from it's body language so I prepared and swung, he got ahold of it since it tried to circle me and barked after I hit it, then it bit the owner, I told him he'd better not let him do that again if I was a kid selling something, they maybe would not have known how to defend themselves.
I have been stuck between a dog and my car before, sweet talk got me to the car most of the time, and throwing treats at the growling, barking ones. I usually try to carry a small umbrella that pops out, when my dog is not with me, I have been thinking of getting the Direct stop spray just in case, I'm not as young anymore, so may not be as quick.
Great topic...
Oh and Ash that reminds me of when I was younger we were camping and we thought we saw a cat in the bushes a friend wanted to see it so offered it part of their sandwich saying "here kitty kitty," and out comes a skunk...we got up and ran, towards the tent, and cracked up laughing, we teased the friend for the rest of the time we knew him, saying" here kitty kitty" anytime he walked in the halls of school...

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Well, Im picking up some useful information. I like both the leash and the umbrella idea. I saw on tv once, in reference to a Pit Bull attacking, to offer the dog your weak arm if all else fails. Ya, it sucks to get your arm chewed up but much better than your face.

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i think the first thing you need to do regardless of the situation is be mindful of your posture and relax your body. don't tighten your muscles or clinch fists or jaw. relax bend your knees a little. all dogs are different so each situation will be different. you might have to do several things and be prepared that everything could fail.

if i am lucky enough to catch the hard eye i would probably turn my body to the side and squat down maybe throw a treat in the dog's direction -- watch him out of the corner of my eye. call him to you or make smoochie noises -- you can confuse them sometimes with praise :)

if we have growling i would probably toss the treats first and talk to the dog while i turned my body away. you can try the emergency 'SIT' probably works about half the time.

running at me -- stand still but relaxed and to the side. emergency sit, throw treats, throw rocks, throw doody if you have it. i also try to put something (a bush, a tree, a mailbox, umbrella :D ) between me and the dog and then he has to think which may buy you a second or 2 to try something else . direct stop is definitely an option esp if nothing else is working!

lunging -- try to turn to the side so that you can body block with a shoulder or elbow, hip, knee whatever if the dog is gonna make contact. direct stop definitely warranted here. you have to do what you have to do if they get to you.

do what you think will work best in a situation. think ahead tho and have extra treats, extra leash, umbrella (good one drgntrnr), etc just in case. try to stay calm tho don't scream and run away flailing about.

ok now for a comical moment . . . this reminds me of the lethal weapon with the rottie where mel gibson gets down and rolls on his back to appease the rott! that was too damn funny!

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Been in a situation before where Dad and I were confronted by a Dobermann that belonged to the farm across the road from us. We went over to the farm to look for one of our cats that had been missing and Jacko was out and we didn't know it. We climbed up onto the car roof, avoided his eye contact and stayed really still and prayed that the owners would come out which they eventually did :lol:

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[quote name='Doberfanatic']maybe they'll attack the dustbuster :)

Or if they start attacking you, maybe you can use it as a weapon... LOL[/quote]

Im giving you 5 points for that comment! :lol:

Good thing I wasnt drinking or I would have spit up all over my monitor. I could see someone fighiting a dog that way in the middle of the street LOL.

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How to Avoid a Dog Attack

Ways to avoid getting bitten while walking or jogging.

Difficulty Level: Easy Time Required: 1 minute


Here's How:

Keep a safe distance between yourself and dogs being walked on leash.
Ask owner's permission before approaching a dog, on leash or in yard.
Never approach a barking, snarling, sleeping, eating, or nursing dog.
Do not stare the dog in the eyes.
Turn sideways and slowly withdraw.
Put an object such as a tree, post, or bench between you and the dog.
Speak softly and gently to calm the dog, "Good dog, it's OK, go home."
Stand still or maintain a constant slow pace out of the dog's territory.
If local law allows, use pepper spray when charged by the dog.
If charged, get something between you and the dog's mouth - umbrella, pack, jacket, stick
If attacked, curl up in a ball and protect your face, neck, and head.
Report unleashed aggressive dogs to the local police.


You can't outrun the dog, not even an Olympic sprinter could.
Be aware of dogs a block or more ahead, change your route or turn around to avoid unleashed dogs.
Know the weapons laws in the community you are walking in and obey them.

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