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Important, or just another way to get money from Pet owners?


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well this thing is really important, bad theeth is infection, pain and a hole in the money pocket
all our dogs eat an excelent dry food and non of them has any mounth problems, but we are a kennel and feeding our dogs mostly with only a dry food. people with dogs at home that feeding them human foods and people with old dog should be more aware to the helath of the dogs mounth and not only his body.
i can't see were it's more than very usfull info ...

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I do try to keep my dogs teeth and gums from getting loaded up with plaque and tarter.
Each gets a greenie a day, now and then raw bones, and I am trying very hard to stick to brushing their teeth twice a week. Ideally, brushing more frequently but if I can do it twice weekly, that better than nothing.
I tried one of those triple headed brushes [img]http://www.petsmart.com/media/ps/images/products/detail/standard/June05/55081_4837f.jpg[/img]
I did not feel it was as effective as the Crest Spin Brush I use. I use chicken flavored toothpaste just for dogs.
Jesse's teeth are the worst looking but his gums are in great shape. Years of build up. The girls have nice looking teeth and great gums. Our vet wants to clean Jesse's teeth but I will not have him put under at his age for this.

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