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The toughest crate out there


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I have also used carbingers for clips also and those zip ties that sometimes cops use to tie up hands when they don't have enough handcuffs, they are real strong in holding something. I use both plastic type and metal type crate, the plastic one when she ( my dog) goes to work with me and the metal one at home because she got out of the plastic one at home. I use the above mentioned things on the metal one I think it is a "Lifestages" crate on Petsmart.com. She hasn't escaped from that one "yet."[quote] "Training is an investment in your dog, if your not willing to invest, don't get a dog, get a stuffed toy."[/quote]

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I used double-end snaps for my x-pen. Those work too. (Straight from the horse-barn. :D)

They are about a dollar a piece........ :wink:
You can also use those to hang little waterbuckets in your ex-pen.

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Pyr, while they're expensive, the Petzazz Enduro is the ONLY crate that can hold up to a Siberian (and that's saying a lot!). It's reinforced at all the seams, and only 1" openings.

Like this,

Although when I tried the link, it says they no longer carry them (they were only made for and sold by Persmart), dammit.

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